This is a summary article that describes the components that are updated in Update Rollup 6 for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2.

Important We recommend that you upgrade all System Center 2012 R2 subcomponents to the same update rollup version. You can upgrade different System Center subcomponents in any sequence that you want. Using subcomponents that are at different update rollup versions may cause compatibility issues and is not a Microsoft-supported scenario.

Components that are fixed in this update rollup

App Controller
Data Protection Manager (KB3030574)
Operations Manager (KB3051169)
Service Manager (KB3039363)
Service Provider Foundation (KB3050307)
Service Reporting (KB3050321)
Virtual Machine Manager (KB3050317)
Windows Azure Pack (KB3051166)
Windows Azure Pack Web Sites (KB3051142)

How to download and install Update Rollup 6 for System Center 2012 R2

Please see each component article to obtain specific installation instructions for each component.

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