Cannot add restricted Facebook pages to Social Engagement


When adding a Facebook page to Microsoft Social Engagement which has restrictions, you'll receive the error:

"Rule isn't valid:Select a page and try again."

Administrators of Facebook pages have the option to set restrictions to Facebook pages such as restrictions based on age and country. When a Facebook page is restricted it cannot be added to Social Engagement under New Search Topic | Add rule | Facebook pages rule.

This is by design. The Facebook pages rule allows to capture all conversations on a public Facebook page. The Facebook pages rule will not allow to capture data which is not public.

More Information

A Product bug has been filed with a request to change the error message to inform that the Facebook page is restricted and therefor cannot be added.

आलेख ID: 3062415 - पिछली समीक्षा: 05/05/2015 - संशोधन: 1