How to earn incentives for Sell Incentive Program


This article provides information on how to earn incentives for Online Sell Incentive Program.

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To be eligible to participate in the Microsoft Online Services Advisor Sell Incentive, a partner must meet the following criteria prior to the payment calculation snapshot date, which is the 24th of each month (e.g. for November payment, the snapshot will be taken on October 24, 2016):

*Applicable for CRM Online only. The CSA requirement will be replaced by the Cloud Customer Relationship Management competency in FY17. Until such time, the CSA requirement remains in effect.


Partners participating in the Online Services programs will need to complete both the Payment Profile as well as Tax Profile that links out from MPN prior to being eligible to be paid incentives. Should either of these profiles be incomplete, incentive payments will be held until both profiles have been completed.

Business Rules

- Partner must be designated as the Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) 

- DPOR 90-day attach rule

- Seat Churn Rule 

- Customer change of licensing method for some online service

Sell incentive

This incentive is paid to the Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) based on the full-year value for each sold seat as per product list. Please refer to the Eligible Product List for the complete list. The following are examples of activities for which this incentive is paid:

·         Drive awareness and generate demand for Online Services.

·         Identify, qualify, and develop Online Services opportunities.

·         Add new subscriptions.

·         Sell subscription for a full year of Microsoft Online Services.

Manage incentive

This incentive is based on the customer installed base of sold seats, as a percentage of the monthly value for that Microsoft Online Services seat.

The partner continues to earn as long as the customer subscription remains current, the partner’s MPN ID remains current, and partner remains POR on that subscription. The following are examples of activities for which this incentive is paid:

·         Manage customer relationship on Microsoft Online Services.

·         Provide advice for customer questions regarding Microsoft Online Services.

·         Offer professional services.

·         Upsell/cross-sell platforms.

·         Keep the Online Services seats current on Sell incentive

Sell and Manage incentive, and Office 365 accelerator:

·        Dynamics CRMOL sold through EA/CASA/EES/MOSA will be included in the base amount of manage and sell incentives as long as POR is attached to those.

·        Dynamics AX sold through EA/CASA/EES will also be included in the base amount of manage and sell incentives as long as POR is attached to those.

·        Office 365 sell incentive, as well as Office 365 accelerator has discontinued in FY16, and Office 365 manage incentive has been out of incentive scheme with an exception of seats installed at Sep 24, 2016.


Microsoft Online Services Advisor Sell incentives are calculated monthly based on the data snapshot taken on the 24th of each month. This means that all eligible transactions for partner assigned as Digital Partner of Record as of the snapshot date will be considered for incentives calculation.

Earnings will be calculated for the partner along the following schedule:


Scenarios where monthly payment rhythm for a specific partner can be interrupted:

- No eligible transactions found

- MPN expired

- CSA expired

- Earned incentive amount for a given month is less than minimum payment threshold

- Missing tax form

- No bank details and/or partner address is incomplete/incorrect in MPN

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