SMS: Troubleshooting Software Inventory Problems


  1. Ensure Software Inventory has been enabled on the Site Server. Look in the SMS Administrators Console under the Site Hierarchy menu, click Site Code, Site Name, Site Settings, Client Agents, and Software Inventory Agent.
  2. Check that the client has been discovered and that the Software Inventory Client Agent is enabled, installed on the client, and has been given at least 30 minutes to begin the inventory process.
  3. Check both %windir%\MS\SMS\LOGS\CCIM32.LOG and CLISVCL.LOG for errors in the client installation process and initial inventory.
  4. Verify that the client's %windir%\MS\SMS\Clicomp\Sinv\Sinvdat.sid (or .sic if initial inventory) file is not stuck here.
  5. Next, verify that the inventory(*.inv) file is not stuck in the %windir%\MS\SMS\Clicomp\Sinv\Outbox\*.inv directory.
  6. Check log %windir%\MS\SMS\LOGS\SINV32.LOG that the inventory process has run for errors in steps 4 and 5.
  7. Verify that the client's Copy Queue Manager has moved the file to its CAP Site System in CAP_<SiteCode>\\*.sic or *.sid.
  8. Check log %windir%\MS\SMS\LOGS\CQMGR32.LOG for errors in step 7.
  9. Next, on the Site Server, verify that Inbox Manager Assistant has moved the *.sic or *.sid from the CAP to the Site Server's SMS\Inboxes\ directory.
  10. Check log \SMS\Logs\INBOXAST.LOG for errors in step 9.

    NOTE: If the client belongs to a Secondary Site check the SMS\Inboxes\ directory. Also, check the Replication Manager log \SMS\Logs\REPLMGR.LOG for errors in moving the file to the Primary site.
  11. Look in the Site Server's SMS\Inboxes\\Orphans directory for a *.sic or *.sid file. If there is one, see if the client has been discovered. If not, the Software Inventory Processor moves the inventory file to an Orphans directory on the site server under \SMS\Inboxes\Sinv.Box location and retries every 10 minutes. Eventually, the Software Inventory Processor writes a DDR (Discovery Data Record) and hands it off to the Discovery Data Manager to process and add the client to the database before the software inventory information is added.
  12. Check log \SMS\Logs\SINVPROC.LOG for errors in step 11.


"SMS Administrators Guide," Chapters 9, 10, Appendix D

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Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Standard Edition

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