BUG: Scrolling over applet in IE causes improper painting behavior


When you scroll up and down over a Java applet in a Web page, the components in the applet or the applet itself are repainted incorrectly and appear jumbled or corrupted.


The cause of this problem is not yet known. However, the behavior seems to be much more pronounced when the Use smooth scrolling check box is selected in Internet Explorer. To see the Use smooth scrolling check box in Internet Explorer, go to the View menu, click Internet Options, and click the Advanced tab.


Clear the Use smooth scrolling check box in Internet Explorer to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the occurrence of this problem.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

Compile and run the following code:

import java.awt.*;import java.applet.*;public class PaintApplet extends Applet{TestPanel tp;public void init(){setForeground(Color.cyan);setBackground(Color.blue.darker());setLayout(new BorderLayout());tp = new TestPanel();add(tp, "Center");}}class TestPanel extends Panel{public void paint(Graphics g){Dimension d = getSize();int x = d.width/5;int y = d.height;for (int i = 0; i < x; i++){g.drawLine(i*8, 0, 0, y);}}}
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Painting Problem Page</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><appletcode=PaintApplet.classname=PaintAppletwidth=220height=600 VIEWASTEXT></applet></BODY></HTML>
RESULT: Scroll up and down over the applet using the Page Up and Page Down keys with the Use smooth scrolling check box selected in Internet Explorer. Notice how the lines drawn on the embedded panel become corrupted. This may take several tries because this problem occurs randomly.


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