SBS: Fax Jobs Are Stuck in the Fax Printer Queue


There are times when a fax job submitted to the spooler will become stuck in the spooler and cannot be deleted. Subsequent fax jobs will line up behind the one that is stuck, and no other faxes will be sent. This situation is similar to print jobs becoming stuck and stopping printing.


This situation can be caused by corrupted or incomplete jobs being submitted by the applications.


To restore the system to operation, perform the following steps.

NOTE: All pending fax and print jobs will be lost.
  1. Make sure all printing has completed and users are not submitting fax or print jobs.
  2. In Control Panel, double-click Services, and then stop the spooler and fax services
  3. In My Computer, go to C:\Winnt.SBS\System32\Spool\Printers.
  4. Delete all files located in this folder.
  5. In Control Panel, double-click Services, and then start the spooler and fax services.
  6. Submit your fax jobs again.
Files in the Printers folder would be in the format of xxxx.spl, xxxx.shd or faxxxxx.tmp, where the xxxx is a hexadecimal number. The files with .shd and .spl extensions are printer files and the faxxxxx.tmp files are the fax jobs.

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