Event ID 1057 or 1000 When the Cluster Service Attempts to Start

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The Microsoft Cluster service may not start, with the following error message in the event log:

Event ID 1057
Description:The cluster service CLUSDB could not be opened.
Event ID: 1000 Source: ClusSvc Description: Microsoft Cluster Server suffered an unexpected fatal error at line ### of source module source path. The error code was ####.
This behavior is the result of a local Cluster database being corrupted, inaccessible, or otherwise unusable.


The Cluster database is a hive in the registry located at:

The file for the Cluster registry hive is located on disk by default at the following location:

Note that because the Cluster key is a separate hive, you cannot use the Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) to recover Clusdb.

Try each of the following items to fix the problem:

  • Check the file permissions for the Clusdb file. Make sure that the domain account under which the Cluster runs has full access.
  • Verify that the Clusdb file is not set to Read-Only.
  • Restore the file from a backup. (Note that this file is cluster specific.)
  • If one of the nodes is still working, uninstall Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) from and reinstall MSCS to the failed node. Choose Join an existing cluster. This procedure may cause problems with some cluster resources. You may have to re-create the resources or reinstall programs. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance with reinstalling Microsoft products.
  • Try the information in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
    224999 How to Use the Cluster TMP file to Replace a Damaged Clusdb File
  • If none of the items above work, you may have to reinstall MSCS on both nodes, or use a disaster recovery procedure for the Cluster.

More Information

You can back up the Clusdb file Ntbackup.exe by using the Backup Local Registry option.


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