IntelliPoint: Wheel Does Not Function in Multiple Home Base Desktops


When you install the Microsoft IntelliPoint software on a Compaq computer,
IntelliPoint features such as the wheel may not function.


This behavior can occur if Compaq Home Base is running on your computer.


Compaq Home Base is a program that is provided with certain Compaq
computers and enables you to configure multiple desktops on a single

When you install the IntelliPoint software on a computer running Compaq
Home Base, IntelliPoint features such as the wheel function only in the
desktop configuration on which the IntelliPoint software was installed.

If you install the IntelliPoint software version 2.1 or earlier, you
may also receive the following error message when you switch between
Home Base desktops:

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
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Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.0, Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.1, Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.2

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