PRB: JAVAH Cannot Find Classes When Executing


When running Javah.exe on a Java class, you may get one of the following or similar errors:
Signalled error "java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError" with detail "java/io/Serializable"
java.lang.Object not found: aborting


Javah.exe, unlike the other Microsoft SDK for Java tools, requires the user to specify a class path via the "-classpath" command line option or via the CLASSPATH environment variable. If the class path is not specified, is invalid, or contains corrupted or missing data, then Javah.exe does not work.


There are a couple of things to check if you receive one of these error message:

  • Verify that the CLASSPATH environment variable or the "-classpath" command line option points to

    and the directory that contains your class files.
  • Open and verify that the class specified in the error message is contained within. If is corrupt or if the specified class is missing, run the following from a DOS command prompt to regenerate a new file:
    clspack -auto


This behavior is by design.

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Microsoft Software Development Kit for Java 3.2, Microsoft Software Development Kit for Java 3.1

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