Cannot Overwrite Smart Card Key During Certificate Services Setup


During Certificate Services installation, attempting to write a new key to a smart card does not succeed, generating the following error message:

Microsoft Certificate Services

This key storage device is full and the new key "CA name" could not be added. Go back and pick an existing key, or use a different key storage device.

The security token does not have storage space available for an additional container. 0x80090023 (-2146893789)


You cannot replace a smart card's key during Certificate Services installation. If Certificate Services discovers from the Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) that the card is full, installation cannot continue unless you insert a clean smart card, or you use the current key on the card (of proper key usage, in this case, Signature) for the Certificate Authority (CA).


To resolve this issue, use either of the following methods:

  • Select a key that is already on the card. It is listed in the list of available keys.

  • Choose to generate a new key and use a smart card that does not currently contain one.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

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