FTP Virtual Directory Is Not Displayed in Directory Listing

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A virtual directory in an FTP site cannot be seen by the client.


Under the FTP site's home directory, create a physical subdirectory with the same name as the alias of the virtual directory.

As an example, assume the FTP site is set up as follows:

  • FTP site home directory: C:\INETPUB\FTPROOT
  • Virtual directory alias: TEST
  • Physical directory associated with the TEST virtual directory: C:\FILES
Create a TEST subdirectory under the home directory. In this example, the full path for that subdirectory is C:\INETPUB\FTPROOT\TEST.

The next time you use the FTP client to browse the FTP site, you will see TEST listed as a directory.

When the TEST directory is opened, the contents of the physical directory C:\FILES will actually be displayed (rather than the contents of C:\INETPUB\FTPROOT\TEST).

Note: The names of the alias and matching physical subdirectories are NOT case sensitive.

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