Forms Designer fails or not working correctly


By default the Forms Designer in Visual J++ 6.0 translates the class file extending the form class and displays the actual form in the development environment.

There are some cases when this feature breaks and you experience one of the following errors:
  • The View Designer option is unavailable in a default "Windows Application" in the following areas:

    • On the View menu when you select Designer
    • In the Project Explorer Window when the file is selected
    • In the context menu when right-clicking on the file
    Microsoft Development Environment
    java.lang.IllegalAccessError: com/ms/wfc/util/Debug$Switch


This problem is caused by either:
  1. An incorrect version of the COMCAT.dll.
  2. An attempt to use the trial version of the product with a more recent virtual machine.


Resolutions to the earlier two causes are as follows:
  1. Incorrect version of COMCAT.dll.

    There are two version of COMCAT.dll:
    • Version 4.71: 22 KB (Correct version)
    • Version 5.00: 6 KB (Incorrect version)

    If you find the incorrect version of COMCAT.dll on your system, the following steps will correct the problem:
    1. Unregister COMCAT.dll version 5.0 - on the Start menu, select Run, and type:

      regsvr32 /u Comcat.dll
    2. Delete or rename the incorrect COMCAT.dll file.
    3. Copy COMCAT.dll 4.71 version from the Visual J++ 6.0 CD-ROM to the location you found version 5.0 - [windir]/system[32] directory.

      NOTE: You will find the correct version on the CD-ROM in the \Common\Ide\Ide98\Redist directory.
    4. Register COMCAT.dll version 4.71 - on the Start menu, select Run, and type:

      regsvr32 Comcat.dll
    5. In the Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs, select Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0, and click Reinstall to "repeat the last installation to restore missing files and settings".
  2. Using the trial version of Visual J++.
    You must remove the trial version and install a release version of the product.


This behavior of the Forms Designer is by design.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Create a new default Windows Application project.
  2. Double-click on the Form file.
  3. One of the earlier scenarios explained in the "Symptoms section" will occur.


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