Files and Folders Reappear After Deletion with Roaming Profiles


After you delete files or folders of a user's roaming profile, the files and folders reappear.


If a user has a roaming profile and logs on to different computers (locally cached profiles enabled), they may experience the following behavior:

After deleting files or folders on their profile and logging off from computer A, the files or folders reappear if they log on to computer B, where they have logged on before.

This problem occurs because the locally-cached profile on computer B still has the files and directories in the locally-cached profile. When downloading the roaming profile from the profile server, the user has a local profile with the former deleted files and folders again. After logging off from this computer, the complete profile is copied back and the former deletion of files and folders seemed to have no effect.


To work around this problem, disable the locally-cached profiles. To do this, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

173870 How to Automatically Delete Locally Cached Profiles


This behavior is by design.

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