Popis poruka u ulaznoj pošti s MAPI

Vrijedi za: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007


Extended MAPI može se koristiti za pristup poštanskom sandučiću i manipuliranje porukama. U ovom se članku pokazuje kako koristiti MAPI za popis poruka koje se nalaze u ulaznoj pošti.

Dodatne informacije

Sljedeći ogledni kod pokazuje kako koristiti MAPI za popis poruka koje se nalaze u ulaznoj pošti.
  • Otvorite Visual C++ i stvorite novu aplikaciju za konzolu Win32.
  • Naziv projekta "GetInbox".
  • Izrezivanje i lijepljenje sljedećeg koda u datoteci GetInbox. cpp generirana je tako da zamijenite postupak "glavni", ali ostavite datoteke uvrštavanja.
  • Na kartici veza dodajte nije pronađen MAPI32. lib u postavke projekta.
  • Kompilirajte i pokrenite aplikaciju.
   #include <stdio.h>   #include <conio.h>   #include <mapix.h>   #include <mapiutil.h>   STDMETHODIMP ListMessages(   LPMDB lpMDB,   LPMAPIFOLDER lpInboxFolder);   STDMETHODIMP OpenDefaultMessageStore(   LPMAPISESSION lpMAPISession,   LPMDB * lpMDB);   STDMETHODIMP OpenInbox(   LPMDB lpMDB,   LPMAPIFOLDER *lpInboxFolder);   void main()    {   HRESULT       hRes;   LPMAPISESSION lpMAPISession = NULL;   LPMDB         lpMDB = NULL;   LPMAPIFOLDER  lpInboxFolder = NULL;   LPSPropValue  tmp = NULL;   hRes = MAPIInitialize(NULL);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   hRes = MAPILogonEx(0,      NULL,//profile name      NULL,//password - This parameter should ALWAYS be NULL      MAPI_LOGON_UI, //Allow a profile picker box to show if not logged in      &lpMAPISession);//handle of session   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   hRes = OpenDefaultMessageStore(      lpMAPISession,      &lpMDB);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   hRes = OpenInbox(      lpMDB,      &lpInboxFolder);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   //Checking to see that we did get the Inbox   hRes = HrGetOneProp(      lpInboxFolder,      PR_DISPLAY_NAME,      &tmp);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   printf("I managed to open the folder '%s'\n",tmp->Value.lpszA);   hRes = ListMessages(      lpMDB,      lpInboxFolder);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   quit:   if (tmp) MAPIFreeBuffer(tmp);   UlRelease(lpInboxFolder);   UlRelease(lpMDB);   UlRelease(lpMAPISession);   MAPIUninitialize();   if (FAILED(hRes))   {      printf("Failed with hRes of %x\n",hRes);   }   printf("Hit any key to continue\n");   while(!_kbhit()){ Sleep(50);};   }  STDMETHODIMP ListMessages(   LPMDB lpMDB,   LPMAPIFOLDER lpInboxFolder)   {   HRESULT hRes = S_OK;   LPMAPITABLE lpContentsTable = NULL;   LPSRowSet pRows = NULL;   LPSTREAM lpStream = NULL;   ULONG i;   //You define a SPropTagArray array here using the SizedSPropTagArray Macro   //This enum will allows you to access portions of the array by a name instead of a number.   //If more tags are added to the array, appropriate constants need to be added to the enum.   enum {      ePR_SENT_REPRESENTING_NAME,      ePR_SUBJECT,      ePR_BODY,      ePR_PRIORITY,      ePR_ENTRYID,      NUM_COLS};   //These tags represent the message information we would like to pick up   static SizedSPropTagArray(NUM_COLS,sptCols) = { NUM_COLS,      PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_NAME,      PR_SUBJECT,      PR_BODY,      PR_PRIORITY,      PR_ENTRYID   };   hRes = lpInboxFolder->GetContentsTable(      0,      &lpContentsTable);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;    hRes = HrQueryAllRows(      lpContentsTable,      (LPSPropTagArray) &sptCols,      NULL,//restriction...we're not using this parameter      NULL,//sort order...we're not using this parameter      0,      &pRows);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   for (i = 0; i < pRows -> cRows; i++)   {      LPMESSAGE lpMessage = NULL;      ULONG ulObjType = NULL;      LPSPropValue lpProp = NULL;      printf("Message %d:\n",i);      if (PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_NAME == pRows -> aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_SENT_REPRESENTING_NAME].ulPropTag)      {            printf("From: %s\n",pRows->aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_SENT_REPRESENTING_NAME].Value.lpszA);      }         if (PR_SUBJECT == pRows -> aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_SUBJECT].ulPropTag)      {            printf("Subject: %s\n",pRows->aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_SUBJECT].Value.lpszA);      }         if (PR_PRIORITY == pRows -> aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_PRIORITY].ulPropTag)      {            printf("Priority: %d\n",pRows->aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_PRIORITY].Value.l);      }      //the following method of printing PR_BODY will not always get the whole body/*    if (PR_BODY == pRows -> aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_BODY].ulPropTag)      {            printf("Body: %s\n",pRows->aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_BODY].Value.lpszA);      }*/       //PR_BODY needs some special processing...      //The table will only return a portion of the PR_BODY...if you want it all, we should      //open the message and retrieve the property. GetProps (which HrGetOneProp calls      //underneath) will do for most messages. For some larger messages, we would need to       //trap for MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY and call OpenProperty to get a stream on the body.      if (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND != pRows -> aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_BODY].Value.l)      {         hRes = lpMDB->OpenEntry(            pRows->aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_ENTRYID].Value.bin.cb,            (LPENTRYID) pRows->aRow[i].lpProps[ePR_ENTRYID].Value.bin.lpb,            NULL,//default interface            MAPI_BEST_ACCESS,            &ulObjType,            (LPUNKNOWN *) &lpMessage);         if (!FAILED(hRes))         {            hRes = HrGetOneProp(               lpMessage,               PR_BODY,               &lpProp);            if (hRes == MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY)            {               char szBuf[255];               ULONG ulNumChars;               hRes = lpMessage->OpenProperty(                  PR_BODY,                  &IID_IStream,                  STGM_READ,                  NULL,                  (LPUNKNOWN *) &lpStream);               do               {                  lpStream->Read(                     szBuf,                     255,                     &ulNumChars);                  if (ulNumChars >0) printf("%.*s",ulNumChars,szBuf);               }               while (ulNumChars >= 255);               printf("\n");               hRes = S_OK;            }            else if (hRes == MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND)            {               //This is not an error. Many messages do not have bodies.               printf("Message has no body!\n");               hRes = S_OK;            }            else            {               printf("Body: %s\n",lpProp->Value.lpszA);            }         }      }      MAPIFreeBuffer(lpProp);      UlRelease(lpMessage);      hRes = S_OK;   }   quit:   FreeProws(pRows);   UlRelease(lpContentsTable);   return hRes;   }   STDMETHODIMP OpenInbox(   LPMDB lpMDB,   LPMAPIFOLDER *lpInboxFolder)   {   ULONG        cbInbox;   LPENTRYID    lpbInbox;   ULONG        ulObjType;   HRESULT      hRes = S_OK;   LPMAPIFOLDERlpTempFolder = NULL;   *lpInboxFolder = NULL;   //The Inbox is usually the default receive folder for the message store   //You call this function as a shortcut to get it's Entry ID   hRes = lpMDB->GetReceiveFolder(      NULL,      //Get default receive folder      NULL,      //Flags      &cbInbox,  //Size and ...      &lpbInbox, //Value of the EntryID to be returned      NULL);     //You don't care to see the class returned   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   hRes = lpMDB->OpenEntry(      cbInbox,                      //Size and...      lpbInbox,                     //Value of the Inbox's EntryID      NULL,                         //We want the default interface    (IMAPIFolder)      MAPI_BEST_ACCESS,             //Flags      &ulObjType,                   //Object returned type      (LPUNKNOWN *) &lpTempFolder); //Returned folder   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   //Assign the out parameter   *lpInboxFolder = lpTempFolder;   //Always clean up your memory here!   quit:   MAPIFreeBuffer(lpbInbox);   return hRes;   }   STDMETHODIMP OpenDefaultMessageStore(   LPMAPISESSION lpMAPISession,   LPMDB * lpMDB)   {   LPMAPITABLE pStoresTbl = NULL;   LPSRowSet   pRow = NULL;   static      SRestriction sres;   SPropValue  spv;   HRESULT     hRes;   LPMDB       lpTempMDB = NULL;   enum {EID, NAME, NUM_COLS};   static SizedSPropTagArray(NUM_COLS,sptCols) = {NUM_COLS, PR_ENTRYID, PR_DISPLAY_NAME};   *lpMDB = NULL;   //Get the table of all the message stores available   hRes = lpMAPISession -> GetMsgStoresTable(0, &pStoresTbl);   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   //Set up restriction for the default store   sres.rt = RES_PROPERTY; //Comparing a property   sres.res.resProperty.relop = RELOP_EQ; //Testing equality   sres.res.resProperty.ulPropTag = PR_DEFAULT_STORE; //Tag to compare   sres.res.resProperty.lpProp = &spv; //Prop tag and value to compare against   spv.ulPropTag = PR_DEFAULT_STORE; //Tag type   spv.Value.b   = TRUE; //Tag value   //Convert the table to an array which can be stepped through   //Only one message store should have PR_DEFAULT_STORE set to true, so only one will be returned   hRes = HrQueryAllRows(   pStoresTbl, //Table to query   (LPSPropTagArray) &sptCols, //Which columns to get   &sres, //Restriction to use   NULL, //No sort order   0, //Max number of rows (0 means no limit)   &pRow); //Array to return   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   //Open the first returned (default) message store   hRes = lpMAPISession->OpenMsgStore(      NULL,//Window handle for dialogs      pRow->aRow[0].lpProps[EID].Value.bin.cb,//size and...      (LPENTRYID)pRow->aRow[0].lpProps[EID].Value.bin.lpb,//value of entry to open      NULL,//Use default interface (IMsgStore) to open store      MAPI_BEST_ACCESS,//Flags      &lpTempMDB);//Pointer to place the store in   if (FAILED(hRes)) goto quit;   //Assign the out parameter   *lpMDB = lpTempMDB;   //Always clean up your memory here!quit:   FreeProws(pRow);   UlRelease(pStoresTbl);   if (FAILED(hRes))   {      HRESULT hr;      LPMAPIERROR lpError;       hr = lpMAPISession->GetLastError(hRes,0,&lpError);      if (!hr)      {         printf("%s\n%s\n",lpError->lpszError,lpError->lpszComponent);         MAPIFreeBuffer(lpError);      }   }   return hRes;   }


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