Cannot skip Autocheck at startup with USB keyboard


When you start your Windows 2000-based, Windows XP-based, or Windows Vista-based computer, you may be unable to skip the Autocheck process by pressing any key when you receive the following message

To skip disk checking, press any key within number seconds.
where number is a number that counts down from 10 to 0.


This issue can occur if your computer is connected to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard. Autocheck runs before USB support is enabled, between the point where the keyboard input is switched from legacy mode, to USB drivers. Note that this issue can occur even if your computer Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is configured to provide legacy USB keyboard support. Because of this, the keyboard is not available when you try to skip the disk check.


To resolve this issue, install a regular keyboard, or permit Autocheck to proceed.

More Information

Autocheck runs during startup when Windows determines that there is a problem with the hard disk, or if your computer was improperly shut down. Microsoft does not recommended skipping this check, however, on computers with large hard disks, it may be necessary to postpone this check until a time when your server being down will be less inconvenient. This may be useful if you want to wait until after normal business hours to reduce the amount of time your server or computer is unavailable.

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