HOWTO: Use the Preinstallation Kit for Large Deployment


The following information is for System Builders that use the Microsoft OEM Preinstall Kit to deploy Windows 95 or Windows 98 on multiple systems.


To use the Microsoft OEM Preinstall Kit follow these steps:

  1. Use the System Builder Preinstallation Kit to preinstall on a "master" hard drive. By using the Preinstallation Wizard as designed, the master will not contain the Product ID (PID) or Customer Name.

    For more information on the preinstallation process, please refer to the preinstallation guide. The preinstallation guide is also published online at:
  2. Once Windows 95 or Windows 98 is installed using the preinstallation kit, the master boots into Audit Mode. Add only those device drivers and utilities that are legally distributable. This does not include any Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office and Home Essentials® software.
  3. Use hardware or software tools to clone the master. Microsoft does not supply any utilities for cloning hard drives. However, there are several third party disk duplicating solutions that are available.
  4. Install a cloned hard drive on each new system.
  5. Boot each cloned system into Audit Mode, add additional device drivers and utilities, and then configure the system as the customer needs. Since Windows 95 and Windows 98 support Plug and Play, many devices will be detected if the drivers are not included on the master disk.
  6. While still in Audit Mode, set up Microsoft applications and enter the unique Customer Name and the PID from the application packaging, and then accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA) as needed. Print the EULA for delivery to the customer later.
  7. Test the system to ensure quality and then shut down the system.
  8. Ship the system to the customer with the shrink-wrapped copy of the Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating system and all Microsoft application media.


For more information, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

169539 'Deploying Windows 98 Using Batch 98 and Infinst.exe' White Paper

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