SMS messages stop during incremental sync move requests


Users who enable Short Message Service (SMS) messaging in Outlook Web Access, and who have pending requests for incremental sync moves against their mailboxes, stop receiving the notifications. When these users reconfigure SMS notifications after this problem occurs, notifications resume for the rest of the incremental sync request. However, the problem recurs after that request is completed.


This problem occurs because of a design issue in the mailbox assistants. When the incremental sync starts, it generates the following database event:

$eventz | FT Counter,ItemType,EventName,ObjectClass,Mailbox,CreateTime -AutoSize

Counter ItemType EventName ObjectClass Mailbox CreateTime
--------- ---------- ------------------ ----------- ------- ------------------

974015558 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/25/2016 21:32:01

974683553 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/26/2016 21:41:10

975414298 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/27/2016 21:44:00

976136834 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/28/2016 21:52:10

976842768 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/29/2016 22:02:30

977056359 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/30/2016 22:03:45

977195259 MAPI_STORE MailboxMoveStarted 1/31/2016 22:15:01
This mailbox move starting event, in turn, generates a StopAll event for the event dispatcher. This causes the assistants to stop processing against the mailbox. In this case, the Calendar Notification Assistant (CNA) stops processing notifications.


To work around this problem, use one of the following methods:

  • Complete the move request as soon as possible.
  • Increase the incremental sync time for the move request.

Note Users still have to reconfigure SMS notifications after the incremental sync is completed.


Microsoft regularly releases software updates to address specific problems. If Microsoft releases a software update to resolve this problem, this article will be updated with additional information.

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