Get the right fit

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To get accurate biometric data, your Microsoft Band needs to fit snugly on your wrist.

We recommend that you wear your Microsoft Band with the touchscreen on the inside of your wrist, but you can wear it with the screen on the outside, too. The sensors work either way.

To get the best performance from the sensors in your Band, the device should fit snugly and comfortably. If you wear your Band too loosely, the sensors may not be able to read your heart rate and other biometric info.

Adjust the clasp

Step 1: Squeeze the tabs on either side of the clasp, center it on the adjustment slot, and push it into the slot.
Adjust the clasp on Microsoft Band 2
Adjust the clasp on Microsoft Band
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Step 2: Keep squeezing the tabs as you slide the clasp along the adjustment slot until the Band fits snugly and comfortably, without moving.