Using music controls on Microsoft Band

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Put your phone away and control your music from your Band. See the song title and control the volume from any music platform you use on your phone—it connects to your Band through Bluetooth.

Music controls on your Band let you quickly see what’s playing on your phone, change the song, and pause or play music without missing a beat. Use the music controls with your favorite music player app for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Music controls on Microsoft Band

Here’s how to use music controls:

Open the music controls

  • On your phone, open your favorite music player app, such as Microsoft Groove, Google Play Music, or Spotify.
  • Double-press the power button on your Band to open the music controls. The first time you use the controls, your Band will show “Connecting to your music…” Your Band will vibrate when the controls appear.

Play, pause, or skip tracks

  • Tap the back button to go back to the previous song, tap the forward button to skip to the next song, or tap the pause/play button to stop or resume listening to the current song.
  • Press the action button on your Band to pause or play the current song or double-press the action button to skip to the next song.

Adjust the volume

  • Swipe to the left to increase the volume on your phone by one increment. Swipe to the right to decrease the volume by one increment.
  • Swipe and hold left or right to increase or decrease the volume continuously until you stop holding.
Music controls: Increase or decrease volume, open or close music controls, play/pause music, skip to next or previous track.
Decrease volume (swipe right)
Previous track
Next track
Increase volume (swipe left)
Open or close music controls (double-press)
Pause/play (single press)
Next track (double-press)

Close the music controls

  • Double-press the power button on your Band to dismiss the music controls.
    The controls will close automatically after eight seconds of inactivity, although your music will continue to play if you haven’t paused it.

Having trouble connecting?

If you’re having trouble connecting to your music, make sure that the music app on your phone is open. Also make sure that your phone is within 30 feet of your Band and that Bluetooth® is enabled on both your phone and your Band.

If you’re having problems with Bluetooth on your Band, see Troubleshoot problems with Bluetooth and sync.