Exporting Organization email template message entity field Email not exported


1. Log into D365 as Admin and open Modules/Organization administration/Setup/Email templates
2. In the list of existing email templates, click on PmtFailur, for example, to open it - you can see the email message filled in in the Email field
3. Open Workspaces/Data management
4. Click on export tile and complete the details as below:
Target data format: EXCEL
Entity Name: Organization email template message
Use sample file: No
Skip staging: No
Default refresh type: Full push only
Select fields: All fields
Generate data package: No
5. Click Add entity
6. In the Organization emai… tile created, click View map
7. The EMAIL field is not included among the mapped fields
8. Click Export and view staging data after the job executed - the email message will be not exported
9. Click on the three dots … next to the View staging data and download the Excel file created - the email message is not included among the columns in Excel
It is impossible to export/import email templates with the email messages.
Email messages stored in the organization email message template can be exported and imported to other companies.


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