Word 2016 for Mac crashes when you use an add-in that calls the Documents.Add method

To work around this issue, use the Application.OnTime method to schedule the VBA code to run after a specified time. For example, the following code sets the specified time to four seconds.
Sub AutoExec()Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:04"), "aa", FalseEnd SubSub aa()MsgBox "Hello from AutoExec.main"MsgBox "About to call Documents.Add"Set d = Application.Documents.Add(, , , False)MsgBox "Created document"MsgBox "Document name = " & dEnd Sub
This issue occurs after you install the 15.29.1 (16121500) update for Word 2016 for Mac. For more information, see Documents.Add method.

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Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac

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