How to submit an inquiry


In this article you will find the alias where to submit an inquiry, depending on the LOB and region, which you are located in.

More Information

Please contact the following aliases for inquiries related to respective LOB and region:


  • North America:
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa:
  • Asia Pacific:
  • Latin America:


  • North America:
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa:
  • Japan:
  • Asia Pacific: (all countries from the region except Japan)
  • Latin America:

MBS Global

  • Global MBS CSA:

OEM Global

  • Global OEM:

Contacting support team

When contacting Incentives support team, please provide:

1. Partner Name

2. Name of Program question is related to

3. Partner MPN, and/or other ID’s used (per program)

4. Customer Name

5. Volume Licensing Agreement Number and or Subscription ID / number

6. Opportunity ID (per program if available)

7. Screenshot of Error Message  - when possible

8. Detailed description of the question / issue 

9. Any other applicable documents (attachments)

Contact Microsoft Partner Support
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Contact Microsoft Partner Support

Note: Using the Contact Microsoft Support button requires you to login into the MPN site using a valid Microsoft Partner Network login. If you do not have a valid Microsoft Partner Network login or are having problems logging in to MPN, you can get more information or assistance from the MPN Support site.