Field “Invoice” is not copied from payment proposal to journal


Field “Invoice” is not copied from payment proposal to journal.

User personalizes the “Invoice” field in the payment journal and create the payment proposals where they expect that “Payment proposal” invoice details has to fetch to the Payment journal.


When we click on create payments it calls


Here we have logic only to fetch invoice id when confirming invoice field in enabled in vendparameters table which is ES specific ,we dont have logic to get invoice for payment journal type. Because of this we are facing actual resulst.



Fetching the Invoice number from CustVendTrans in Axclasses\CustVendPaymProposalTransferToJournal\initLedgerJournalTransFromPaymLine() will solve the issue.


The changes in the hotfix will resolve the issue by fetching the Invoice number field details of the payment proposal to payment journal.

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