A Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6/6a-ban kijavított hibák listája (Part 1)


Ez a leírás az első része annak a sorozatnak, amely a Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6/6a-ban kijavított hibák listáját tartalmazza. A javítócsomagok összeadódnak. Ez azt jelenti, hogy az aktuális javítás tartalmazza a korábbi javításokat is. Használja a Qxxxxxx számot, amely a leírás címe mellett található, hogy megtalálja a cikket a Microsoft Knowledge Base-ben.

HU244690 Javított hibák listája a Windows NT Service Pack 6/6a-ban (2. rész)
240331 List of Bugs Fixed in Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 5
225037 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
150734 A Windows NT 4.0 és Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4-ben kijavított hibák listája (1. rész)
194834 A Windows NT 4.0 és Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4-ben kijavított hibák listája (2. rész)

A lent található hibák listáján kívül a Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition javítás az alábbi problémákra is tartalmazza a javítást:

222970 List of Bugs Fixed in Terminal Server Edition

További információért, a Windows NT 4.0 és Terminal Server Edition legfrissebb javítócsomagjának beszerzésével kapcsolatban, olvassa el az alábbi cikket a Microsoft Knowledge Base-ben:
152734 Hogyan szerezzük be a legfrissebb Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack-et

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A Service Pack 6a és a Service Pack 6 közötti különbségek

A Windows NT Service Pack 6a a Service Pack 6-ban található specifikus hibákra tartalmaz javítást. További információért kattintson az alábbi leírásra, hogy megtekintse a tartalmát a Microsoft Knowledge Base-ben:

246009 Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a Elérhetőgége

A Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a tartalmazza az SP6-ban található javításokat is.

Operációs rendszer

173191 Inserting an Excel Worksheet Object May Fail Under Windows NT

184232 DCOMCNFG Saves Incorrect Display Name in Services

215367 Win32 API Function GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() Returns Incorrect Access Mask Value

216051 FIX: DCOMCNFG NT 4.0 SP4 Does Not Write .exe Name under HKCR\APPID

216913 BIOS Date Value Does Not Immediately Update on January 1, 2000

222515 WIN16 API GetFreeSpace Returns Zero on a Computer with More than 2 GB of Memory

223275 Computer Stops or Hangs Due to Large System Environment Variable Values

224345 Spooler Service May Leak Private Bytes Attempting to Close a Remote Printer

224837 DCOM Clients Ping Server After Client Program Has Shut Down

224982 Err Msg: STOP 0x0000001e {0xc000005, 0xa1000aa7, 0x0, 0x00440194} in Win32k.sys

225251 MS-DOS Application May Cause STOP: 0x0000001E

225333 FIX: Clussvc.exe Hits 100% CPU Utilization When Doing a Group Failover

226535 Access Denied Error Occurs if the Roaming Profile Is Saved to a NetWare Server

228792 Stop 0x1e in NTFS After Changing Disk On Removable Drive

229607 File Corruption Occurs on an NTFS Volume with More Than 4 Million Files

229650 STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Running Findfast.exe

230784 NTVDM May Stop Responding After Quitting 16-Bit Programs

231622 Long Names of Local or Global Groups Truncated in Group Memberships Dialog Box

231944 NumLock Key State Is Not Saved When You Log Off

231949 AMD CPUID Check for the AMD Athlon Chip Now Allows Write-Combining Feature

231976 Disk Full Broadcast When Accessing Virtual CD-ROM Folder

232225 Winmsd.exe May Cause an Access Violation if Path Is Greater Than 517 Characters

232230 Jobs Not Printed When Print Server Is Busy

232275 Multithreaded Write Routine May Cause Data Corruption on FAT Partition

232733 Process Working Set Trimmed Below Minimum Unnecessarily

233349 Cluster Service Issues Event 1015 Every Four Hours After Applying SP5

234339 Volume Lock Request Does Not Release Volume After File Operation

234359 Structured Storage Code Can Go into an Infinite Loop

234655 Err Msg: Unable to Log You on Because the Netlogon Service Is Not Running

234658 STOP 0xC000021A in CSRSS After Attempting to Free an Already Freed Screen Buffer

235250 I/O May Be Performed at the Wrong Offset with Files Larger than 4 GB

235409 SCSI Port Driver Logical Unit Number Count Not Updated Correctly

235445 Seven Fonts Not Supporting the Euro Currency Symbol

235519 ASP Performance Monitor Chart Settings Not Read Properly From PMC File

235614 Windows NT 4.0 SP6 Includes Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues

235700 ActiveX Property Pages May Appear Erased and Hang Program

235999 Savedump Does Not Write Event Log Message with Event ID 1000

236360 Cluster Server Slows Down or Hangs When Running Resource Monitor

236466 Computer Hangs After Installing Checked Service Pack 5

236595 NTFS Deadlock During Writethrough Caching

236813 %HOMEPATH% and %HOMESHARE% Are Resolved Incorrectly

236944 Write Protect Error Occurs After Program Is Run from Floppy Disk

236964 Delayed Return of Paged Pool Causes Error 1450 "Insufficient Resources"

236981 STOP 0x0000000A Involving Scsiport.sys in Windows NT 4.0 SP5

237706 Memory Leak May Lead to Loss of User Profile

237780 GDI Subsystem Stops Responding (Hangs) and Returns Error Message in VGA Mode

237842 NTVDM May Switch to Uppercase After Running a 32-Bit Program

237955 STOP 0x0000001e in Win32k.sys

238009 Loss of Connection with Node Persists Until Node Is Restarted

238173 Quorum Checkpoint File May Be Corrupted at Shutdown

238244 Partition Utilities Do Not Recognize Hard Drive Partitions

238891 Service Pack 6 Updates Windows NT Kernel to Support Future Processors

239789 Access Violation Error Message with Program that Uses the DdeAddData() Function

239929 Compaq HALs (Including Revision G) for Alpha with Windows NT 4.0

240076 Windows NT 4.0 Client Not Receiving New Policy in Windows 2000 Domain

240740 Overflow from NtGdiAddFontResourceW Returning Uninitialized Pool

241040 Daylight Saving Time Change Not Applied Immediately on Some Multiple-Processor Computers

241387 Error Message: "STOP 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" with Accessible Event Watcher

241393 Page Heap Enhancements for Advanced Debugging in Windows NT4.0

241535 Updated Support for MSAA Features in Windows NT 4.0 SP6

241631 Cluster Node with Heavy Disk Stress Does Not Shut Down Properly

242013 Non-Administrators Can Modify Profile Locations in Windows NT Registry

242176 Error Message: A Chain of Certs Didn't Chain as They Should in a Certain Application of Chaining

242283 16-Bit Programs Hang Using Dynamic Data Exchange

242386 Cluster Does Not Log Event on Resource Monitor Failure

242510 Calling the SetEntriesInAcl() Function Generates Error Message 87 ("ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER")

242583 Resrcmon Leaks Handles When a Generic Program Resource Is Taken Online or Offline

Internet Authentication Service (IAS)

193490 Cannot Set Radius DSN on Alpha Computer

194956 Forward Slash (/) Incorrectly Rejected by IAS Profile Tab

194957 Internet Authentication Service (IAS) Vendor-Specific Attributes Do Not Work

195051 IAS Does Not Log Ascend Attribute 255 Correctly

197506 IAS Incorrectly Validates User Accounts

221196 Radius Cannot Re-Establish a Connection to ODBC Data Source

241400 IAS Hangs When Configured as Radius Client for Windows 2000

Internet Information Services (IIS)

188352 ASP Caching May Cause "Server Too Busy" Errors and Blank Pages

193612 Log Files Rolled Over According to GMT, Not Local Time Zone

217763 File Access Vulnerability in Personal Web Server

218880 ASP Request.BinaryRead Method Causes 100 Percent CPU Utilization

221514 HSE_REQ_GET_CERT_INFO_EX Is Not Exposed in ISAPI ServerSupportFunction()

223137 IIS 4.0 Log Field May Contain Invalid Constant Time Field

224298 HTML Page Sent to a Browser May Be Truncated

230335 Dates May Be Displayed Improperly Using Configuration Back-Up Option in IIS 4.0 HTML Administrator

233162 Err Msg: The System Could Not Find the File Specified

233168 Err Msg: The System Could Not Find the File Specified

233335 Page Contents Visible When Certain Characters are at End of URL

234905 Improperly Formatted HTTP Request May Cause INETINFO Process to Fail

236565 TCP Connections Not Released by IIS

236936 Removing SSL Key Leaves Behind Undeletable Port

236947 Status 200 Log Entries for Non-Existent SSI File Requests

237873 Err Msg: Overlapped I/O Error

238606 Page Contents Visible When Certain Dot Extensions Present in the Virtual Directory Name

238631 NTLM Password Change Fails When Password Contains an Ampersand

239543 VBScript Error Message Browsing with Internet Explorer 5 in ISM (HTML)

241112 ISAPI Filter Cannot be Removed Using HTMLA

242001 Error 53 Error Message When You Try to Connect to a Windows 2000 Domain-Based DFS Share

Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ)

241525 Duplicate Transactional Messages Sent by MSMQ

241612 MSMQ Fixes Are in Mq9xsp6.exe on the Windows NT 4.0 SP6 CD-ROM

241744 FIX: Journal Property for Private Queues Cannot be Updated from MSMQ ActiveX Components

241749 FIX: MSMQ ActiveX Component Receive Fails When Receiving a Message

241751 FIX: MSMQ AttachCurrentSecurityContext Calls May Leak Memory

241755 FIX: MSMQ: GetStreamedObject and GetStoredObject Return Error with VT_UNKNOWN

241765 FIX: MSMQ ActiveX Receive Fails Due To Bad SenderID Length

241771 FIX: IsWorldReadable and MSMQ Window Handle Leaks

241772 FIX: MSMQ LookupQueue returns MQ_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PROPERTY

Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)

232330 FIX: MTS Explorer Crashes When Configured the Machine Uses Remote DTC

232343 FIX: XA Transaction Monitors May Show Inconsistent Outcome

232348 FIX: DTC's XA RM Incorrectly Returns No More Transaction to Recover

232351 FIX: Repeated Load and Unload of Mtxdm.dll Causes 1MB Virtual Memory Leak

232533 FIX: DTC Log Notification Problem Leaves Transactions Incomplete


226369 Windows NT Does Not Detect Media Change on ATAPI PD CD-ROM Drive

228734 Windows NT Does Not Boot with Highly Fragmented MFT

229722 German Compound Word Not Found if Part of the Word Is in the Noise Word List

231855 Wordpad.exe May Delete a File With Read Only Permissions While Saving a File With Save As

231930 Non-US Locales Cause Index Server Queries to Not Work

235284 MPPE Keys Not Handled Correctly for a 128-Bit MS-CHAP Request

236610 DirectPlay 6.1a Launches Stable Multiplayer Game Connections

236940 Problems with ATAPI Multiple-LUN Devices

237373 In Page I/O Error Message When Attempting to Install Service Pack 4

239655 Event ID 4224 Jet Errors in WINS

239715 Radius Does Not Proxy Digital Signatures, MS-CHAP v2 Requests or Allow Cross-Forest Authentication

240087 Restoring NTBackup Sets Generated by Faulty SP4 Tandqic.sys

241042 Access to ProfileList Key Restricted with Service Pack 6

242521 Error Message: SetPrivilege on Account Failed


102721 Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Start Because the Following File Is Missing or Corrupt: \%Winnt%\System32\Config\SystemHardware Profile/Last Known Good Menu

223791 Spooler Service LPR Monitor Leaks Memory with Each Event 2004 Error

223863 Spooler Service May Leak Memory Attempting to Close Print Processor

230157 Margins Not Correct with HP 4si Printer in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4

237181 Some LPD Print Servers Reject an LPD Connection from Windows NT

237420 LPR Command to Remote Printer on RAS Connection Does Not Work

238330 Add Printer Wizard Offers More Printer Selections in SP6

239070 Print Output Takes More Space After Installing Windows NT SP4

241311 Text After an Embedded Object May Be Printed with Some Blank Characters

241863 Lexmark 4226 Model 302 Printer Driver Included in Service Pack 6

242034 Error Message on a Blue Screen When Printing to Lexmark Optra with Far East Versions of Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5

242035 Printer Pooling Improvements in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6

242587 Narrow Font Printing from Access with Japanese Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 or 5

244690 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 (Part 2)

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