Speed up your computer

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No matter how good you are about keeping your computer clean and up-to-date, they tend to slow down after time. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to help speed them up― without upgrading your hardware.

Depending on the version of Windows running on your device, you can either use the free automated tool from Microsoft to diagnose and resolve some of the issues that slow your computer down or follow the steps detailed below to identify and fix the issues yourself.

Fix it Automated Solution

Microsoft Fix it is a free tool that can automatically diagnose and improve system performance. Common scenarios that this tool can identify include:
  • Power saver settings
  • Multiple anti-virus programs running on the same device
  • Unnecessary programs running at startup
  • Not enough hard drive space
  • Too many unused programs
  • Leftover programs
  • Old, cached, and temporary files
  • Too many programs running in the background
  • Data corruption
  • Hard disk fragmentation
  • Missing Windows updates or outdated drivers
    Note: Microsoft Fix it is currently NOT AVAILABLE for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.


Note: If you are an advanced user, you can download a free tool from the Microsoft website that shows you all of the programs and processes that run when you start Windows, including the ones that Windows requires to operate successfully. Use this tool only if you are comfortable restoring Windows after an error occurs.


Uninstall extra antivirus programs

If you use more than one antivirus or antispyware program at the same time, your device may experience decreased performance, become unstable, or restart unexpectedly. To remedy the issue, you should select one Internet security program to run on your device. You should then uninstall the other programs.

Caution: Make sure you have an Internet security program running on your device before you uninstall other security programs.

Some Internet security applications do not uninstall completely. You may need to download and run a cleanup utility for your previous security application to completely remove it.

If you use another antispyware program together with Microsoft Security Essentials, we recommend that you turn off real-time scanning in the other program. For more information, see the documentation supplied by that antispyware program.

To remove an antivirus or antispyware program, select the version of Windows installed on your device and follow the instructions.


Solutions for your version of Windows

Click on the version of Windows that matches the one installed on your device and follow the series of suggested solutions to try and resolve your device’s performance issue.