Onboarding in Cloud Solutions Provider Program (2-Tier Distributor, 1-Tier Reseller, and 2-Tier Reseller)


This article details out an enrollment overview in Cloud Solutions Provider Partner Incentives Program and provides step-by-step procedure for Partners logging into the Partner Incentives Experience/PIExp/PI tool.

More Information

Invitation Period

Partners who meet all eligibility requirements will be invited to the Partner Incentives Experience on an ongoing basis.

Onboarding Process

Eligible partners will be invited on an ongoing basis during the program period. Microsoft will on-board partners who have met all eligibility criteria to the required systems for participation. This is a critical step for partners to gain visibility to incentives calculation and payment information.

Microsoft will invite partners to participate in various CSP incentives programs by means of an email. To participate in the incentive program, partners must:

Enroll online via the Partner Incentives Experience (PIExp) where partners can review the MPN Agreement and the Incentive Guide. Partners complete their organization’s banking and tax details for payment disbursement on this portal.

Invitations and Account Set-up

To ensure a smooth program enrollment process, partner should have the following items on hand:

· Access to their company email account

· Invitation email        

· PIN number (following request of the # on login page)        

· Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID)        

· Bank details (IBAN, Routing number)

· Beneficiary details

· Tax details (e.g. EIN, W8, W9, etc.) where applicable        

· MPN # that partner transacts with        

Invitation details are sent to partner Administrator via two separate emails: Invitation and PIN.

There are three steps for logging in:

1. Receive invite and open link to the portal sign in page          

2. Sign in and request PIN

3. Receive PIN in email & use it to log on to the Welcome page.          

Log in step 1: Receive invite

1.1. From the Invitation email sent from microsoft@e-mail.microsoft.com, copy the URL embedded in the invitation into your browser.

1.2. Click Sign in.

Log in step 2: Sign in

2.1. Enter your Microsoft account (previously Live ID) email and password or create a new Microsoft Account and click Sign in.

2.2. On the first Sign-In you will be requested to provide your First name and Last name and then click Next.

2.3. For added security you are required to enter a PIN—on first log on you can request it be sent to your registered company email address. Click Request a new PIN.

2.4. Your new PIN will be sent to your company email account. Click OK.

Log in step 3: Enter your PIN to log in

3.1. Retrieve your PIN from your company email inbox.

3.2. Type the PIN into the Enter PIN field and click Submit.


· Two factor identification (Microsoft Account and a PIN) is designed to ensure secure partner log on        

· Each user’s unique PIN is stored in the portal for 90 days from when they first enter it — on the 91st day a new unique PIN will need to be entered

· Each PIN has to be entered only once. After that, the PIN does not need to be entered again until a new PIN is received

· The Invitation email is valid for 180 days        

· If Partner Admin has lost or didn’t receive an email invitation and has yet to accept the invite, contact Support Team to request for a new invitation. Please send us an email using any of our 4 regional aliases: ocina@microsoft.com@microsoft.com; ociemea@microsoft.com; ocilatam@microsoft.com;  ociapgc@microsoft.com and ocijp@microsoft.com.

Once logged on, partners will be presented with a Welcome page.

From this Welcome page partners can access a demo video, view additional “how to guidance,” or click Get started to start enrollment.

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