Description of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP2 and of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Language Pack SP2


Windows SharePoint services 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) gives customers the latest updates to Windows SharePoint services 3.0.

This update includes two main categories of fixes:
  • Previously unreleased fixes that were made specifically for this service pack.
    • In addition to general product fixes, this includes improvements in stability, in performance, and in security.
  • All the public updates, security updates, cumulative updates, and hotfixes that were released through February 2009.
Before you try to install this service pack, make sure that you read the information about how to
deploy software updates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

More Information

Overview of Service Pack 2 improvements

Some big areas of the improvements that the Windows SharePoint Services team wanted to highlight:
  • Faster, more reliable content migration and data backup and restore
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Smoother upgrade experience
  • Significant database performance adjustments
  • Updated integration for forms authentication
  • Advanced permission management
  • Helpful administrative tools
  • Expanded browser compatibility

How to obtain and install the service packs

This service pack update is available on the Microsoft Download Center. To download the service pack, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:

For a complete list of all SP2 packages that were released, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
968170 List of all 2007 Office system Service Pack 2 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 packages

Downloadable list of issues that the service pack fixes

A workbook is available that lists the issues that are fixed by this service pack.
Download Download the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 Changes.xlsx package now.

Note The workbook is in the English language. The workbook will not be translated into any other languages.

Known issues and behavior changes

After you install this service pack, you may experience the following issues:
968768 Some file formats are blocked after you apply 2007 Office Suite Service Pack 2 or 2007 Office servers Service Pack 2

960577 List of all Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Server Pre-Upgrade Checker knowledge base articles

968785 After you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2, the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 database can be auto-defragmented

968786 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 provides support for host header-based site collection crawls

968787 You cannot delete certain site collections in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

968788 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 provides a change in the way that a Windows SharePoint Services site that is in forms-based authentication mode responds to an anonymous access request from SharePoint Designer 2007

968173 Known issues that you may experience when you install the 2007 Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 2 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2

Technical information

For more information about this service pack, including a list of files affected, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

970359 Technical details about the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 releases


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