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IPCONFIG Diagnostic Utility: Parameters and Usage

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IPCONFIG.EXE is a new utility included with Windows. The purpose of this utility is to provide the user with diagnosticinformation related to TCP/IP network configuration. IPCONFIG also acceptsvarious Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) commands, allowing asystem to update or release its TCP/IP network configuration.
IPCONFIG [/? | /all | /release [adapter] | /renew [adapter]]
/?: Displays this help message.
/all: Displays full configuration information.
/release: Releases the IP address for the specified adapter.
/renew: Renews the IP address for the specified adapter.
With no parameters, IPCONFIG will display only the IP address, subnet maskand default gateway for each adapter bound to TCP/IP.

With the /all switch, IPCONFIG will display all the current TCP/IPconfiguration values including the IP address, subnet mask, defaultgateway and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and DNS configuration.

If adapter name is not specified with either the /Release or /Renewswitch, then the IP address leases for all adapters bound to TCP/IP willbe released or renewed.

NOTE: The /Release and /Renew switches can only be used on a system thatis configured with DHCP.
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