Error Message When Importing Favorites

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When you attempt to import Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x favorites by using the Internet Explorer 5 Import wizard, you may receive the following error message:
Cannot find drive:\Windows folder\Favorites\bookmark.htm
Please choose another file.
where drive is the hard disk where the Internet Explorer 4.x favorites originated, and Windows folder is the folder where Windows is installed.
This issue can occur because the Internet Explorer 5 Import wizard only searches for HyperText Markup Language(.htm) files.
To work around this issue, manually copy your Internet Explorer 4.x favorites into the Internet Explorer 5 Favorites folder. For information about how to copy files, view the "copying files or folders" Help topic.
This behavior is by design.
More information
The Internet Explorer 5 Import Wizard is designed for use with the bookmark.htm format used by Netscape.
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