A Windows NT 4.0 és Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4-ben kijavított hibák listája (3. Rész)

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150734 A Windows NT 4.0 és Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4-ben kijavított hibák listája (1. rész)
194834 A Windows NT 4.0 és Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4-ben kijavított hibák listája (2. rész)
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222970 List of Bugs Fixed in Terminal Server Edition
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152734 Hogyan szerezzük be a legfrissebb Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack-et
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Service Pack 4 (Folytatás)

188832Intel VTune 3.0 Fails with Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack
188838Task Manager CPU Usage Only Displays Eight Processors
188879RPC Endpoint Mapper Will Not Register All Interfaces Using DCE rpc_ep_register
188896Access Violation in Explorer.exe Changing Share Permissions
189010SBS: RAS Leases Six Addresses from DHCP
189011Using Performance Monitor Remotely Causes Access Violation
189012Clicking Default Scope Does Not Open Active Lease Window
189013Atapi.sys Does Not Support Multiple Logical Devices
189032Floating Point Arguments Won't Pass Between Windows NT RPC and IBM RPC Implementations
189061Repeated Regsavekey/Regrestorekey Actions Corrupt Registry Hive
189080TCP Connection May Drop When Transferring Large Amounts of Data
189119UserEnv Returns Corrupted Profile for All Failures Including RSL Exceeded
189171WinSock Applications May Fail or Stop Responding
189225LMMIB2 Unable to "Walk" from .
189245LMMIB2.dll Does Not Support All Objects
189262FTP Passive Mode May Terminate Session
189276ODBC Causes Access Violation in 16-Bit Winsock
189283No More Than About 570 Reservations Visible in a DHCP Scope
189290Loss of Desktop After Logon When Using a Filter Gina.dll
189291Hang in Winlogon on Workstation Locked Dialog Box
189395Support for Canadian ACNOR Keyboard
189462Only Partial Pages Displayed or Error "The Connection Was Reset"
189471WpuOpenCurrentThread Does Not Work
189522Including Network Drive Letters in the PATH Statement May Cause Excessive Traffic
189579F11 and F12 Keys Do Not Function in MS-DOS Applications Under NTVDM
189594RRAS Upgrade for WinNT Server 4.0 Hotfix Pack 3.0 Release Notes
189595PPTP Performance & Security Upgrade for WinNT 4.0 Release Notes
189606Browser Service Fails to Start or Stop Button Is Unavailable
189612Access Violation Occurs in Windows NT Explorer (Explorer.exe)
189756PerfMon Percentage of Registry Quota in Use May Be Displayed Incorrectly
189988CMPXCHG8B CPUs in Non-Intel/AMD x86 Compatibles Not Supported
190009Client Cert. Mapping Only Works w/First Page on Proxy Connection
190010Logging Performs Unwanted Flushes of Log Data Buffer
190011Perl Script Mappings Converted to Uppercase During Upgrade
190015Setting LogonMethod to Batch Causes "Parameter is Incorrect"
190141IIS Administrator Service Fails to Stop
190142FTP Deadlocks Under Heavy Load
190143IIS 4.0 Crashes or IIS 3.0 Generates Corrupted Log Data for HTTPS
190144ASP Returns Blank
190288SecHole Lets Non-administrative Users Gain Debug Level Access to a System Process
190354Unattended Setup of MSCS with -JOIN Parameter Requires User Input
190449Corrupted SAM Hangs Windows NT Server
190506WINS Replication Problem Events 4262, 4261, and 1c Replication
190552Windows NT 4.0 DHCP Client Modified to be RFC 2131 Retransmission Compliant
190791STATUS_CANT_WAIT Returned from an NTCreateFile Call
190834SCSI Adapter Is No Longer Visible from SCSI Adapters Utility If More Than 16 Devices Are on a Single SCSI Bus
190928Poledit Spin Boxes Limit Max Value to 9999
190931Snmptrap.exe Ignores SNMP Trap PDU of Size Greater Than 4,096 Bytes
190932"SNMP Service Ignores SNMP Trap PDU of Size Greater Than 4,096 Bytes"
191088Printer Prompts for Paper with Dutch Workstations
191098Large File Copy Operation Causes Available Bytes to Drop Significantly
191256Time-taken Log Field Incorrect When KeepAlive Is Enabled
191284STOP 0x0000001E (0xC0000005, 0xFD7A4A44, 0x00000000, 0x42000878) in Netbt.sys
191285Services for Macintosh Index Corruption on Large Volumes
191308Access Violation Occurs Converting W3C Log Files
191309ALT+Numeric Keypad Problem When Change Code Page Command (CHCP) is Used
191362FPNW Pass-Through Authentication from Trusted Domain Fails If PDC Down
191385Duplicate Rules Appear in Secure Channel Account Mappings Advanc
191387Unable to Run 16-bit Applications If FILES= Is Greater Than 255
191415NCSA Log Format May Cause Access Violation in IIS 4.0
191418Arcs Print Incorrectly with EMF on PCL Printers
191419GP Fault or Access Violation When Buffer Too Small
191428WINS Replication Fails If More Than 30 Partners Are Configured
191506Access Violation When Processing Active Server Pages
191601Defragmentation Application Hangs
191614Able to Commit More Memory Than Is Available
191634Group Policies Cause Excessive \PIPE\samr Connections on PDC
191689Incorrect Font Characteristics May Be Used on Imported Graphics
191751Smoothing Fonts Disabled Using ETO_GLYPHINDEX
191756Stop 0x1E Switching Between System Menus in Application Window
191767LogicalDisk Partition Missing in Performance Monitor
191768Date of Print Job May Be Displayed Incorrectly in Print Queue
191775WINS Service Fails to Start With More Than 99 PersonaNonGrata (PNG) Entries
191822FTP Service May Cause Deadlock in FTP and Other IIS Services
191830Memory Leak Due to Repeated Logon/Logoff May Lead to Profile Corruption
191832Access Violation in Hangul Version of Lotus Organizer 97
191834Network Problems That Occur When Logging Off May Corrupt Roaming Profiles
191850Convert/Autoconv Fails with "Cannot Create Elementary File System Structures"
191852Bhnetb.dll Leaks Memory in Winlogon.exe Process when Using Network Monitor to Trace Remotely
191896Printing to Windows NT LPD Server from SUN OS 4.1.4 May Not Process C/R
191915Screen Saver Time-out is Limited to 60 Minutes
191922Error 1605 When Jetpacking DHCP Database
191992NdrConvert Causes Access Violation in RPC Client on Windows NT 4.0
192051LDAP Does Not Authenticate on French WinNT Due to Encryption
192056Point and Print Functionality with More Than 20 Driver Files
192064Using LMHOSTS to Locate Multiple Preferred Logon Servers
192104Windows NT Does Not Start If Primary Partition Is Above 2 GB
192126Add Workstation Fails with RestrictAnonymous
192127BUG: RpcTestCancel() Always Returns Error Code 5
192132STA Threads Lose Thread Token
192229Login Script Group Membership Mappings on BDC Fail When PDC Is Down
192265Winlogon Leaks Because of SMTPSVC Performance Counters
192266Sockets-based Child Processes Are Not Stopped
192267Various STOP Errors When Opening Files on Novell NetWare Servers
192293IIS Stops ODBC Logging after Failing to Communicate with SQL Server
192409Open Files Can Cause Kernel to Report INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES
192453MoveFile API from Windows 95 with Invalid UNC Causes STOP 0xa
192457Downloaded File may be Saved in Incorrect Folder with Internet Explorer
192460Matrox Video Driver Causes STOP 0x00000050
192547WINSADMIN Writes Invalid SP Time to Registry
192690Unable to Connect to Catalog Server via Search MMC
192730Errors Performing Backup on IDE Device
192736STOP 0x0000000A Blue Screen on Alpha AXP
192749Multiple SSL Connections May Cause Error Initializing Security Subsystem
192773Cluster Server Memory Leak When MTS Explorer Is Running
192774Stop 0x0000000A in Tcpip.sys Processing an ICMP Packet
192786Event ID 11 Changed to an Informational Message
193056Problems in Date/Time after Choosing February 29 in a Leap Year
193064Pressing Cancel Button in Date/Time Utility Changes Date
193090Inetmib1.dll Causes Memory Leak in Winlogon.exe Process
193106Filesystem Filter Drivers May Unload Unexpectedly
193157TCP/IP Does Not Allow MAC Addresses to Change Dynamically
193169Script Mappings Are Not Removed from the Registry after Migration
193206Acquiring SNMP Info For OSPF in RRAS Hangs
193209Gethostbyname Not Working Correctly with Only DUN Installed
193233Rpcss.exe Consumes 100% CPU Due to RPC Spoofing Attack
193271Cannot Create Virtual Directory in Administrator Program
193371WINS and DHCP Admin Display Expiration Dates 2000 Through 2009 with Only One Digit
193419IIS Registry Setting ReplyWithHTTP1.1 May Cause Problems
193434Migration Changes NetWare Accounts Expiration Date
193436DHCP Client Shuts Down After Two Declines
193499Multiple RRAS Client Disconnects Cause Increased CPU Usage
193525Access Violation Occurs When Viewing Web Sharing Tab
193526W3SVC Counters Fail after a Successful Install
193528Internet Service Manager Does Not Allow Wildcard Redirections
193529Modem Sharing Clients Cause Stop 0x000001E on SBS
193530Access Violation in WINSCL When Using CR or SDB Parameter
193532Stop 0x0000000A When Running Executable from Floppy Disk
193548Stop 0x0000002E Using Qlogic Driver Version 2.29
193596RASMAN Registry Values Cannot Be Set Higher Than 0xFF
193613Using ADSI Paths Greater than 80 Characters Causes Access Violation
193614Viewing Computer from MMC Causes an Access Violation to Occur
193646Event ID 10005 from DCOM After Installing IIS
193654Services Continue to Run After Shutdown Initiated
193686XFOR: SMTP Services Do Not Start Automatically After One Is Stopped
193687XFOR: Invalid Handle Exception Error During SMTP Server Maintenance
193688HTMLA: Object Already Exists When Creating New Web Sites
193689IIS Security: Mapping IDC Reveals Paths for Web Directories
193690Wildcard Certificate Rule Mappings Disappear
193779Cluster Server Drive Letters Do Not Update Using Disk Administrator
193781Cache Manager May Cause Data Corruption
193793:$DATA Data Stream Name Returns Source of a Remote File
193806CSNW Error 85, Local Device Already in Use, When Desktop Icons Are Located on NetWare Server
193812Extended Characters in URL Translated into UTF-8 Characters
193831Compiling Large ASP Pages Can Take 100% of CPU Time
193891HTTP Through Firewall and "Bypass Proxy for Local Intranet"
193899Event ID 1008, 4005 with Missing TCP/IP Performance Counters
193921XFOR: Virtual Server Is No Longer Viewable Through MMC
194130SNMP Edit Box Drops a Character When Writing to the Registry
194133Remote Shell (RSH) Commands Hang with Multiple Sessions Running
194168Dns.exe Dr.Watson When Changing the TTL of a Cached Record
194193STOP 0xA in Sfmatalk.sys When Copying Files on an SFM Volume
194194DNS Fails with Error 1201 If Secondary Zone File Not Specified
194200Cannot Change Windows NT Passwords from Exchange and Outlook Clients
194228XFOR: Rule Containing Multiple Clauses Only Functions Properly Once
194322T/R NIC May Fail Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) Test
194336An NTFS Directory May Become Corrupted
194340Access Violation When Using Rcp.exe to Copy to UNIX
194341Simple TCP/IP Services Can Be Driven to 100% CPU
194351Read Errors After Primary Member of Mirror Set Fails
194393New Window From Here Option in MMC May Cause Fatal Error
194424DHCP Server May Fail to Record Lease
194429TCPIP Timewaitstate May Not Remain in 2*msl
194431Applications May Be Able to "Listen" on TCP or UDP Ports
194465PPTP May Refuse Connections When VPNs Are Free
194508Unable to Install Printer Drivers in Other Languages
194680Blue Screen in KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED with Compaq Driver
194726FPNW Client Does Not Get Correct Time or Date After Y2K
194743Scripting Appears as Part of the Abstract in Search Results
194744Netscape Navigator Stops Responding Over SSL Connection when Posting
194748Modem Call Cancellation Timeout Value Defaults to 55 Seconds
194787XFOR: IIS 4.0 SMTP Does Not Retry Delivery on HELO/EHLO Failures
194850XFOR: SMTPSVC May Display BCC Addresses on Outgoing Messages
194883Access Violation Occurs in Syscomgr.exe When Upgrading from IIS 3.0 to IIS 4.0
194919Windows NT Boot Process Hangs Because of Daylight Savings Time Manipulation
195030Automatic Reboot Does Not Work with Default Paging File Size
195083XFOR: Access Violation Installing News Service on DEC Alpha Computer
195084XFOR: Cannot Send SSL Messages after Installing New Certificate
195244Excel Files for Macintosh Locked by Index Server
195295Extensible Counters for Windows NT Option Pack Missing
195636Fiber System Loses SCSI Reservation After Multiple Restarts
195642STOP 0xA on Computer Running Microsoft Client for NetWare
195649Service Making Connection to NetWare Server May Fail
195668Windows NT 4.0 Alpha DHCP Servers Ignoring Packets
195810Default Alias Name is Incorrect if Folder Name is DBCS
195898Incorrect Drive Size with Promise Technologies Ultra DMA Card
196300Failure Accessing Performance Monitor Counters from ActiveX Component
196303IIS Performance Is Slower on Multiprocessor Computers
196309IIS 4.0 Stops Responding (Access Violates) When Adding Counter
196451Unicode Lithuanian S-caron and s-caron Print Incorrectly
196454FIX: Application Error in Windows NT With Access 97
196499Adding an Invalid ACE to an ACL in ADSI Does Not Return an Error
196589Extended Characters are Displayed Incorrectly in Convlog.exe
196692FIX: Selecting Internet Tab Causes Access Violation
196694Cannot Start Windows NT on Computer with IBM ServRaid Adapter
196695Cannot Log On to NetWare 5 Directory Services Tree Using CSNW
196745Very Slow Paged Pool Leak in Windows NT 4.0
197188STATUS_REPARSE with Trashed FileObject->Name Returned to Mup.sys
197244Application Error when Mapping Client Certificates
197460Internet Explorer May Access Violate when Client Certificates are Required
197461Client Certificate Mapping Uses Multiple Organization Units
197512Error Message: Windows NT Was Unable to Complete Format
197538Full-screen DOS Window Is Split with Some Number 9 Video Cards
197781CopyProxy Does Not Make a Copy for Dual Interfaces
198248Some SPI_SET Settings Are Treated As Read-Only Attributes
198386Changes in IRP Stack Size in Lanman Server
202366Outlook 98 Does Not Read Certificates Created by Certificate Server
207768Invalid Date Accepted in Find Files or Folders Parameters
207799IBM PS/1 Will Not Boot on or After January 1, 2000
207807Custom Date Properties in Microsoft Word Document Do Not Display Properly
216143Memory Leak in Site Server 3.0 Search with Windows NT 4.0 SP4
216665Windows NT Server 4.0 User Manager for Domains Loses Terminal Server Extension Information
216916NTBACKUP Writes Incorrect Year to Log File
221786Looping Menu Function Call Causes Automatic Reboot

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