Description of issues in Word 2002 that are fixed by Office XP Service Pack 1

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Microsoft has released Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1). This article provides a summary of the issues in Microsoft Word 2002 that are fixed by this service pack.

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Issues in Word 2002 That Are Fixed by SP-1

SP-1 fixes the issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

287635 WD2002: Incorrect Number of Misspelled Words When You Check Spelling Programmatically
When you attempt to check the spelling in your Word document by using a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro, Word may indicate an incorrect number of misspelled words.
300553 WD2002: Overview of the Word 2002 Update: June 21, 2001
Microsoft released this earlier update to Word 2002, which is included in Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1). This update includes improvements that were developed as a direct result of customer error reports. This update also prevents Word from running macros without warning if the user opens a document that has been maliciously modified.
298953 WD2002: Borders That Use Wavy Lines, Dots, or Dashes Are Printed as Solid Lines
Text, paragraph, and table borders that use dots, dashes, multiple lines, and wavy lines may not be printed correctly. The borders may be printed as solid lines.
300455 WD2002: VBA Functions to Hide Revisions in Word 2000 Don't Work in Word 2002
The following three Microsoft Word 2000 options for marking deleted text are not supported in Microsoft Office XP, but they still appear in the VBA object model and Help file:

Word.Options.DeletedTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkHidden
Word.Options.DeletedTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkCaret
Word.Options.DeletedTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkHash

Additional Issues Fixed by SP-1

Format of Bulleted or Numbered List Changes in Reply

When you create a message in Microsoft Outlook 2000 with a bulleted or numbered list and then send this message to an Outlook 2002 user, who then replies to the message, the bullets or numbers change format if the Use Word to Read Rich Text messages option is selected.

Word Quits When You Make Long DDE Connections

Word quits unexpectedly when you try to make a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) connection with a connection string that is longer than 255 characters.

Smart Tag Financial Symbols Recognize Parts of Words

When you set the smart tags list to include MSN MoneyCentral financial symbols, partial words are sometimes converted to smart tags.

Some Three-Letter Stock Symbols Are Not Recognized

When you set the smart tags list to include MSN MoneyCentral financial symbols, some three-letter stock symbols are not recognized. This behavior occurs if there are other stock ticker symbols that start with the symbol but contain additional characters. For example, because the stock ticker symbols MCDT and MCDE exist, MCD is not recognized.

Proofing Tools Problems When Particular Languages Are Unavailable

This issue occurs in some languages when the Proofing Tools files are not available because of installation problems (or if the files were configured during Setup to be unavailable), but the files of another language with the same base ID are installed. Word uses the alternative proofing files but displays the language of the missing files.

"Subdocument Is Missing" Error Message When You Expand a Subdocument

When you try to expand the subdocuments contained in a master document after you move both files, Word does not search for the subdocument in the appropriate relative subdirectory of the master document.

Numbered Paragraphs Have Numbers Superimposed Over the Text

In the Hebrew version of Word, or with Hebrew enabled in the English version of Word, the numbers of numbered paragraphs may be printed on the wrong side of the page, and the numbers may be printed over some of the text.

Word Quits Unexpectedly in WebBrowser Control

When you open a Word document inside a WebBrowser control and then start and quit Word outside of the WebBrowser control, Word may quit unexpectedly when you make changes in the WebBrowser control.

Grammar Check with Portuguese (Brazil) Proofing Tools Causes Word to Quit Unexpectedly

When you check the grammar of a document that contains the word "oriente", Word quits unexpectedly.

Bullets in Mail Message Reply Float Over the Text

If you reply to an e-mail message that contains a bulleted list pasted from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, the bullets may float over the text of the reply message.

Renaming a Style Can Create Duplicate Styles

When you create a character style that is based on a paragraph style, the character style has a unique name based on the paragraph style. If you rename the paragraph style, the character style is renamed automatically, and the new name of the character style may match an existing style.

Table Is Split When You Move a Row in an HTML Document

When you drag a row of an embedded Microsoft Excel worksheet contained in either a reply e-mail message or an HTML file, the row that you dragged may cause the embedded table to split into separate tables.

Word Quits Unexpectedly When You Save a Document

When you attempt to save a document that is based on a document with a certificate, and the document contains document variables, Word may quit unexpectedly.

Style with a Different Font for Numbers Uses One Font

In East Asian language versions of Word, if you set the font for numbers in a style to a different font from that of the text, no difference can be seen. When the paragraphs are numbered, the numbers and text are displayed in the same font.

Performance of Spelling Checking and Grammar Checking Improves

The proofing tools in SP-1 are optimized for faster performance on Microsoft Windows XP-based computers.

Word Quits Unexpectedly When You Select an Object During a Redraw Operation

If you select an embedded object in a Word document before the object is completely redrawn, Word may quit unexpectedly.

Surrogate Font Linking

Word 2002 Traditional Chinese (CHT) now supports the MingLiU-ExtB and SimSun (FounderExtended) surrogate fonts.

Pasted Hyperlink Replaces Only the Display Text

When you paste a hyperlink that was copied outside of Word (for example, a URL from the Address box in Microsoft Internet Explorer) over an existing hyperlink contained in an e-mail message (with Word as your e-mail editor) or in a Word document, the display text of the hyperlink changes to the correct URL. However, when you press CTRL and then click the hyperlink, the link still connects you to the old URL.

Value for Readability Score Is Different If You Access It Programmatically

When you use Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications to retrieve the readability score for a document, the result may not be the same as displayed in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box. Specifically, the results are different if the document contains bullets or tabs.

Reveal Formatting Taskbar Does Not Fully Support Microsoft Active Accessibility

The Reveal Formatting taskbar does not fully support Microsoft Active Accessibility. SP-1 allows you to obtain details about the formatting of the selected font by using a screen reader or the Magnifier accessory.

E-Mail Message Hyperlink Ignores the Accessibility Color Setting

When you use Word as your e-mail editor in Outlook, any hyperlinks that you create in an HTML message ignore the accessibility color settings until the message is sent. For example, if you use white text on a black background, the hyperlink is displayed in blue.

E-Mail Message Reply Ignores the Accessibility Color Setting

When you use Word as your e-mail editor in Outlook, and you reply to a message, the default text color is blue. Changes in SP-1 override the Outlook default text color if you are using high-contrast color schemes.

Deleted Text Marked as Hidden Causes Word to Quit Unexpectedly

Word 2002 may quit unexpectedly in documents that you edited in Microsoft Word 95 with change-tracking enabled. This behavior occurs if there is deleted text in numbered or bulleted paragraphs.

"Error! Unknown Keyword" Error Message When You Update a Field in French Word 95 Document

When you open a French Word 95 document in Word 2002, some field names are not correctly translated from French to English.

Words Added to the Dictionary Are Marked As Misspelled

Words added to the custom dictionary in the Korean version of Word may be marked as misspelled.

Objects in an ActiveX Control Are Not Redrawn Correctly When You Scroll in Word Documents

When you scroll in a Word document that contains an ActiveX Control, the control may not be displayed correctly. When you close and then reopen the document, the control is displayed correctly.

Send Button Is Disabled When You Run the Spelling Checker on a Section of an E-mail Message

When you use Word as your e-mail editor in Outlook and you run the spelling checker on a section of an e-mail message, and then you decline to run the spelling checker on the rest of the message, the Send button is disabled. The Send button is enabled again by opening and closing any dialog box.
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