Import and export email, contacts, and calendars with Windows Live Mail

If you need to switch hardware or reinstall Windows Live Mail, it’s a good idea to first export everything, make the change, and then re-import everything. This is commonly known as a backup and restore.

If you’ve added email accounts to Windows Live Mail, most of these accounts automatically save your messages and will sync them when you add the account again.

Before you begin

  • If exporting your mail, create a new folder in the location of your choice. Messages must be exported to an empty folder.
  • Calendar items cannot be backed up. However, if you sign in with a Windows Live ID, then your calendar will be synced with
  • If you sign in with a Windows Live ID, your contacts will sync automatically. If you don’t sign in with a Windows Live ID, then your contacts must be manually exported and re-imported.
  • If you have a POP3 account, check the Advanced tab in Properties to see if messages are removed from the POP3 server. If they are and you plan to uninstall or remove that account from Windows Live Mail, you should manually export and re-import your messages.
  • If you are using a program like Windows Easy Transfer, make sure you include your newly created folders in your backup.
  • If importing multiple contacts, it is better to use .csv. When importing .vcf files, they need to be imported one at a time.

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