"Sorry, you cannot access this document" error when a guest link is used to access a SharePoint Online document


Consider the following scenario:
  • In a Microsoft SharePoint Online library, you click Library Settings and then click Versioning settings.
  • For the Document Version History setting, you select Create major and minor (draft) versions.
  • For the Draft Item Security setting, you select Only users who can edit items.
  • You click SHARE, click Get a link for a document in the library, and then click View link - no sign-in required.
  • You share the link with a user, and the user browses to the URL for the shared document.
In this scenario, the user receives the following message:

Sorry, something went wrong

Sorry, you cannot access this document. Please contact the person who shared it with you.


To work around this issue, take one of the following actions:
  • Publish the affected document.
  • Change the Draft Item Security setting to Any user who can read items for the affected library.
For more information about versioning and versioning settings, go to the following Microsoft website:


This issue occurs when you provide read access to a document that uses draft item security. With this kind of security, only users who have edit abilities can access the document.

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