Check the Meaning of MD Plan and Claim Status on CHIP


In this article you will find the meaning of Claims and MD Plan statuses on the Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP) for the Commercial Distributor Program. 

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What is the meaning of a status in CHIP?

Claim status:

·         Pending Approval- Claim is submitted and pending Microsoft Approval

·         Pending POE- Claim is submitted without Proof of Execution. Partner must upload all required POE Documents and re-submit the Claim

·         Compliant- Claim was approved by Microsoft. Payment is in Process / Completed

·         Action Required- Claim was evaluated by Microsoft and found incomplete information. Partners can review Comments in CHIP to understand what must be done next

·         Non-Compliant- Claim was rejected by Microsoft. Partners can review the Comments in CHIP to understand the reason.

Market Development (MD) Plan status:

·         Approved - The plan has been ruled eligible to be used on a claim

·         Deleted - The MD plan has been deleted

·         Expired - The MD plan can no longer be used

·         Not Approved - The plan has been ruled not eligible for claim submission

·         Pending Approval - The plan has been submitted to Microsoft for validation.

If you would like to know what the meaning of other statuses in CHIP is, please read article: Check Payment Status (for payment related statuses) or Check User Types and Statuses in CHIP (for CHIP users’ related statuses).

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