Update adds and improves Data Connectivity features for Power Query in Excel 2016

After you install May 3, 2016, update for Excel 2016 (KB3115090), the following Data Connectivity features are available in the Get & Transform section of the Data ribbon in Excel 2016:
  • Supports command time-out for user experience.
  • Settings to disable Privacy Level prompts at the computer level (including the GlobalPrivacyLevel registry key).
  • Query group management:
    • Expand or collapse all
    • Keep query group expansion states
  • New transformations:
    • Delete blanks on the Column Filter menu
    • Convert duration values to Years
    • Keep duplicates
  • Supports white space and line feeds in the Query Editor preview.
  • Includes hints for sample input values in the Change Type with Locale dialog box.
  • Navigator improvements:
    • Ability to disable preview from the navigator
    • Technical name support
  • Renames queries directly from the Queries pane.

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