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Use Copilot without recording a Teams meeting

If you don't want to record or transcribe confidential meetings in Teams, you can still engage with Copilot when it's set to "Only during the meeting" in your Meeting options.

When you join a meeting, select Copilot to open it on the right of the meeting view. Copilot can generate notes, list tasks, and much more. And remember, other people in the meeting can’t see your conversation with Copilot.   

Copilot no transcript meeting

After the meeting, Copilot won’t be available in the meeting’s Recap tab.

Tip: If there’s content that you’d like to save from your conversation with Copilot, copy and paste it in another place before the meeting ends. 

If someone turns on transcription or recording during the meeting, Copilot will continue to be available and the content of your conversation with Copilot will be available in the meeting's Recap tab, starting from the moment transcript was turned on.

Learn more about Copilot in Teams Meetings.

How to set up Copilot without transcription

As the meeting organizer 

  1. Before a scheduled meeting, go to your Teams Calendar Meetings button and select a meeting.

  2. Select Options  Settings button > More options.

  3. Scroll down to Copilot and select "Only during the meeting" from the dropdown menu.

    Note: If you do not see this option, contact your IT admin..

A dropdown menu with options to allow copilot only during the meeting or during and after the meeting.

4.  Select Save


If Copilot is set to "Only during the meeting", does Copilot start as soon as the meeting starts?

No. Participants must select Copilot in the top menu to start Copilot for the meeting.

Once Copilot starts, can I turn it off?

Once Copilot starts, it will be on for the duration of the meeting.

If Copilot is set to "Only during the meeting", can I still use Copilot if the transcript gets turned on?

Yes, Copilot will still work. All interactions with Copilot during the meeting will contain information from the temporary and standard transcript. After the meeting ends, only information from the point that the transcript was turned on will be available in Copilot.

If someone joins the meeting late, can they use Copilot to access information from earlier in the meeting? 

Yes, meeting participants will be able to access any content from the moment Copilot without transcript was initiated.  

By policy, I'm not allowed to start a transcript or recording. Can I still use Copilot only during the meeting?

Yes, existing policies apply to how the transcript is saved.

How can Copilot work only during the meeting? 

Copilot uses a temporary transcript to generate responses about what was said. For the duration of the meeting, the temporary transcript is stored on a Teams-managed database which follows the same compliance standards for all transcripts. Once the meeting ends, the temporary transcript is discarded.

Is there an audit log of prompts and responses?

No, there is no audit log.

What are the plans for eDiscovery?

Since transcripts and prompts don't persist after the meeting, they are not available for eDiscovery.

Why is a participant's private interaction not available during and after the meeting?

A meeting participant's interaction history does not persist due to privacy concerns.

Why is the meeting option for how to use Copilot visible to all members of an organization, whether they are licensed or unlicensed?

This ensures meeting organizers can set how Copilot will be used in their meetings, even if they themselves don't have a license.

Why don't I see this new Copilot meeting option for my meetings?

New meeting options, like enabling Copilot without transcription, will not be visible for older meetings scheduled before the release of the new option. While we're working on this known issue, try this workaround: schedule a new meeting.

Can external participants access Copilot only during the meeting?

No. If a licensed external participant joins a meeting with this meeting option enabled, they will not be able to interact with Copilot. Copilot can't access external transcripts. This applies to channel meetings and private meetings.

Can people in a multi-tenant organization (MTO) access Copilot only during the meeting when in meetings hosted by a different organization in the MTO?

No. MTO users are treated as external users for this scenario.

If my organization disables transcription for all company meetings, and someone who has Copilot for Microsoft 365 enables Copilot only during the meeting, will that person be able to use Copilot during the meeting?

Yes. If all "Start transcription" options are disabled for meetings and someone enables Copilot only during the meeting, the Copilot-licensed user will be able to use Copilot during the meeting.

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