Software downloads: Permissions, privileges, and Visual Studio access

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Partners in Partner Membership Center

The program administrator can manage privileges through the Partner Membership Center and grant access to individuals so that these individuals can perform the following:

  • Download software (up to three [3] individuals per location)
  • View software product keys
  • View tokens used for online services
  • View license statements
  • Activate Visual Studio subscriptions (one user per Visual Studio license entitlement)

Privilege definitions and what they allow

Only program administrators can assign privileges through the Partner Membership Center.

Privilege What it allows
Software download Ability to download software from the partner digital download portal
View keys View product keys and tokens for online services at the partner digital download portal
View license statement View the organization’s software and online services license grants at the partner digital download portal
Visual Studio subscriptions Access Visual Studio subscription benefits

Assigning privileges to the partner digital download site

  1. Sign in to the Partner Membership Center by using your Microsoft account associated with your MPN membership.
  2. On the Home page, on the Requirements & Assets drop-down menu, click Assign Privileges.
  3. Use the Select Location drop-down menu to select the location where you want to assign privileges.
  4. You will see a list of individuals associated to the selected location. Find the individual that requires the privileges, and select the correct privilege check box. Click Submit.
  5. A window will appear that confirms that the privilege selections have been saved. The selected individual will receive an email about the new privilege assigned. This individual will see only the privileges to which they have access.
  6. Allow up to 24 hours replication time between the partner portal and visual studio site. After 24 hours login and use your personal Microsoft Account to log in.

Partners in partner center

The number and level of Visual Studio subscriptions vary by membership level, as highlighted on the Microsoft Partner Network Core Benefits page.

Individuals who are looking to leverage the Visual Studio subscriptions should work with their Program Administrator to ensure Visual Studio subscriptions are appropriately assigned.

Access and Manage your Visual Studio subscriptions

1. Using your Admin Office 365 or AAD credentials, log in to

2. Click Dashboard

3. Click on MPN tab, select Benefits

4. Select Visual Studio subscriptions to see your list of Visual Studio subscriptions.


5. Find the subscription you want to start using, and then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the subscription's details.


6. To activate a Visual Studio subscription, select a user from the list and then select Assign user.

Note: If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

7. Repeat this process for each subscription you want to assign. Users can manage their subscriptions in the Visual Studio portal.
You can reassign subscriptions any time by removing an assigned user and then assigning a different user.


If support is required for access, Subscribers and Program Administrators should work directly with Microsoft Partner Network support team. 

Please click here to begin your request.

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