Where can I find Microsoft’s Suggested Retail (MSRP) price on Surface Devices


This article provides information as to where you can find Microsoft’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

More Information


To get access to Microsoft’s Suggested Retail Price lists, simply follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the Microsoft Readiness App.

2. In the Search field, enter Surface Pricelist.

NOTE: Make sure to tick on Search for exact match.
3. Choose the appropriate ADR Surface Pricelist for your country.

4. Click on Related Downloads.

5. Download the latest MSRP.

Additional Information

Below are some helpful ADR Surface Pricelist links.

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Europe

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Australia

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Canada

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-China

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Japan

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Korea

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Singapore

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Taiwan

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Thailand

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Malaysia

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-United States

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Hong Kong

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-New Zealand

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-UK

·         ADR Surface Pricelist-Middle East

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