How to install Crystal Reports for use in Visual Basic 6.0


Crystal Reports is not part of the Visual Basic or Visual Studio setup. However, you can install it from the Visual Basic and Visual Studio CDs.

NOTE: Starting with Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft has included a new report generator called the Microsoft Data Report Designer. You may use either the new Report Designer or Crystal Reports. For more information about the new Report Designer, please search the MSDN Library included within Visual Studio 6.0 on the phrase "Microsoft Data Report Designer."

More Information

To install Crystal Reports, run Crystl32.exe. The location of Crystl32.exe depends on which version of Visual Basic or Visual Studio you own. In all cases, it is in the following relative path:


Use the following table to determine which CD to use:

Product Disk
Visual Basic Professional 1
Visual Basic Enterprise 1
Visual Studio Professional 2
Visual Studio Enterprise 3


  • The Learning Edition does not include Crystal Reports.
  • The version of Crystal Reports is, which is the same version that comes with Visual Basic 5.0.
  • Where the Help file (Crw.hlp) refers to Visual Basic 5.0, you can assume the same applies to Visual Basic 6.0.
  • The setup program (Crystl32.exe) does not add a shortcut to the Programs menu in Windows. To start Crystal Reports, run Crw.exe in the installed folder or click Report Designer on the Add-Ins menu in Visual Basic.
  • Microsoft supports installation of the version of Crystal Reports that ships with Visual Basic. For usage issues, please contact Seagate Software. For additional information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    100368 : How To Get Help with Crystal Reports - International and U.S.


MSDN Library Visual Studio 6.0: Visual Basic Documentation; What's New in Visual Basic 6.0; What's New in Data Access; Data Report

"Crystal Reports for Visual Basic 6.0 Readme" file (ReadMe.txt) located in the \Common\Tools\VB\CrysRept folder

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