You cannot send an ActiveX object behind a Chart in Excel 2007


When you insert an ActiveX Object into a Worksheet in Excel 2007 it will always be displayed on top of any overlapping Office Art Object. Even after selecting the "Send to Back" option it will still be rendered on top of any Office Art Objects.


This behavior is by design.

More Information

The graphical engine has been changed in Microsoft Office 2007 in order to improve functionality and performance. This resulted in the redesign of most common vector graphic objects like: Charts, Shapes, Picture Frames, Smart Art, Clipart, Wordart,Text Boxes. In addition to the redesigned graphical objects, Excel 2007 enables the use of other graphical elements that are not rendered internally. These include: ActiveX Controls, Form Controls, Camera Objects, OCX Controls.

Due to the technical difficulties of managing both types of graphical objects, Microsoft Office 2007 separates them into two layers that have a predefined Z-order: the ActiveX layer in the foreground and the Office Art layer in the background. Objects can be freely re-arranged within the same layer but not between layers. For the same reason objects from different layers cannot be grouped together.

In order to vizualize the Z-order of the graphical objects inside a Worksheet, please use the Selection Pane. To open it, select a Shape and from the Ribbon choose Format - (Arrange) Selection Pane.


The behavior is by design in Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft Office 2003 and 2010 allow re-arranging ActiveX and Office Art objects.


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