Error message when the Activate Monitoring Server feature in the Office Communications Server Deployment Wizard fails: “[0xC3EC7841] Failed to execute DB batch file”


The Activate Monitoring Server feature in the Microsoft Office Communications Server Deployment Wizard fails, and the following error is logged in the Communications Server deployment log:


An instance of Microsoft SQL Server on which the QoEMetrics database is being installed uses a SQL Server collation that supports a binary or case-sensitive (CS) sort order. The aggregatorSprocDef.sql batch makes calls to the following SQL Server system-stored procedure:


The batch makes the calls to add error strings to the SQL Server master.sys.messages table, as in the following example:

exec sp_addmessage
@msgtext = 'Error inserting records into the conference table.',
@severity = 11,
@msgnum = 70001,
@lang = US_ENGLISH,
@replace = REPLACE

In this example, the batch assigns a language type that is defined by using all uppercase letters to the sp_addmessage @lang parameter. The sp_addmessage system-stored procedure then checks the assigned value of the @lang parameter, as in the following:
if not exists (select * from sys.syslanguages where name = @lang or alias = @lang) and @lang <> N'us_english'

When an instance of the SQL Server collation is binary or case-sensitive (CS), the master.sys.sylanquages table name column stores us_english in lowercase. If the assigned value of @lang is in uppercase, as in @lang = US_ENGLISH, the @lang parameter does not represent a value that includes the value of us_english in lowercase.

Note The text string for the SQL Server error 15033 is as follows:
is not a valid official language name


Install the Communications Server Monitoring service QoEMetrics database on an instance of SQL Server that supports a case-insensitive (CI) sort order.

Note By default, an instance of SQL Server that is installed on a computer that is using English (United States) as the Windows system locale installs the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS case-insensitive (CI) sort order, unless a different sort order is specified during the installation.

For information about the available SQL Server collations, see the ”More information” section.

More Information

For more information about how to use special data types, visit the following Microsoft webpage:

For more information about collation settings in Setup, visit the following Microsoft webpage:

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