Supported files types and features in Excel for Windows Phone 8

This article describes the supported files types and features in Microsoft Excel for Windows Phone 8.

Supported file types

The following file types are supported by Excel for Windows Phone 8.

File formatFunctionality
.xls (Excel 97–2003 workbook)Can be opened only in read-only mode
.xltCan be opened only in read-only mode
.xlsmCan be opened only in read-only mode
.xltmCan be opened only in read-only mode

Items that make the Excel workbook open in read-only mode

An Excel workbook opens in read-only mode if it contains the following item or feature:
  • Protection
    • Sheet-level protection is enabled
    • The workbook structure protection is enabled
    Note If the workbook is encrypted by using a password, the workbook does not open in Excel for Windows Phone 8.
  • Encryption by IRM
  • Shared workbook and tracked changes
  • Mark as Final
  • Digital signature
  • Unsupported formulas on phone (check the Supported formulas list table)
  • Content or objects beyond IV16384 Ref
  • Formulas that refer beyond IV16384
  • Defined name that has an unsupported formula
  • Dialog sheets
  • Macro sheets
  • Data validations
  • Slicers
  • Cell format or row-column format outside IV16384
  • Large row or column widths
  • Structured formulas or calculated columns
  • External links or references
  • Inline rich text in sheet
  • Pictures (other than .peg, .png, .gif, .pic, .ms-photo, .x-wmf, and .x-emf)
  • Single-cell tables
  • Metadata
  • Array formulas
  • Data tables
  • Recovered file

Why can’t I edit some things on my phone?

The following items can be edited only on the desktop. You cannot edit them by using Excel for Windows Phone 8.
TableTable range that has one extra row or column around table
Pivot tableWhole pivot area including filters (no support for binary formats)

Why can’t I see certain items in my Excel workbook on my phone?

The following items in an Excel workbook are not visible in Excel for Windows Phone. However, they are retained in the file and preserved for viewing on non-mobile devices:

  • Picture or clip art
  • Shape
  • Smart Art
  • Screen shot
  • Sparkline
  • Slicer
  • Text box
  • Headers and footers
  • Equation
  • Symbol
  • Freeze Panes
  • Split Panes
  • Conditional Formatting

Why do some things appear differently on my phone than on my PC?

When you open an Excel workbook on your phone, some of the following items may appear differently than on a PC. However, these items are not changed by viewing them on your phone. They will look the same as they did originally if you open the workbook again on the PC.
  • Currency
  • Accounting
  • Date
  • Table
  • Gridlines
  • Formula bar
  • Headings
  • Hyperlinks
The following text elements are mapped to other formats, as indicated. Therefore, these text elements might appear differently on a phone than they do on a PC.
  • All cell border lines (double, dashed, thick, dotted, etc.) are all mapped to single line border.
  • Vertical text and text that is orientation at a angle other than horizontal is mapped to horizontal text (0 degree angle) within a cell.
  • Gradient and Texture fills are mapped to solid color fills.
  • A double underline is mapped to a single underline.
The 1904 Data System is not supported. Therefore, some dates may be displayed differently on a PC. The following articles describe the difference between the 1900 and the 1904 Date System:
180162 The 1900 Date System vs. the 1904 Date System
214330 Differences between the 1900 and the 1904 date system in Excel

What kind of charts can I create on my phone?

The following chart creation is supported in Excel for Windows Phone 8.

Chart typeSub type
ColumnClustered column
LineLine with markers
BarClustered bar
AreaStacked area
XY (Scatter)Scatter with straight lines and markers

  • Chart customization is not supported.
  • The chart type cannot be changed after it has been created.
  • You can't create a PivotChart in Excel for Windows Phone 8.
  • You can create chart sheets but not embedded charts in Excel for Windows Phone 8.

How will my charts look on my phone as compared to on the desktop?

The following table lists all the supported charts and properties.

Charts in Excel workbook (*.xlsx) file

Charts in Excel 97- 2003 workbook (*.xls) file

Supported formulas

The following formulas are supported in Excel for Windows Phone 8.

Supported formulas list

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