"Property 'CustomAttribute' is not present on object Mailbox" error when you run the New-ManagementScope cmdlet


Assume that you create an exclusive management scope, and you use the CustomAttribute property to filter users by using the New-ManagementScopecmdlet. For example, you run the following command:

New-ManagementScope -name Test-RecipientRestrictionFilter {(RecipientType -eq 'usermailbox' -and CustomAttribute10 -eq 'X')} -Exclusive 
In this situation, you receive the following error message:

Property 'CustomAttribute <number>' is not present on object Mailbox.


This problem occurs because the CustomAttributes property is not supported by the New-ManagementScope cmdlet.


To resolve this issue, use the Memberof property instead of CustomAttribute in the New-ManagementScope cmdlet.


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