Wallet frequently asked questions

Which phones support tap to pay?
Please see microsoft.com/wallet for the list of supported phones.

Where will tap to pay with Wallet be available?
The initial launch will be in the United States only.

Which cards support tap to pay with Wallet?
Microsoft Wallet will initially work with Visa and MasterCard cards from many major banks with more being added all the time.

See the list of supported cards at microsoft.com/wallet.

Where can I use tap to pay?
Pay with your Microsoft Wallet anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol or Microsoft Wallet logo, including at popular stores, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Do I need to launch the Wallet on the phone before I try to pay a payment?
No you don't. You just need to place your phone near the pa​yment terminal. Your phone will automatically launch Wallet to complete the payment. You may be prompted to either unlock the phone or authenticate with a PIN. After you authenticate, you may be asked to place your phone close to the payment terminal again.

What if I have a question about my bill or card statement?
Contact your card issuer for any questions about double-charges, unknown charges, missing charges, or other issues with billing or statements.

How can I request a refund for a tap to pay purchase?
Tap to pay transactions are like any other transaction made with a physical card. Make refund requests directly with the retailer. After the retailer initiates the return tap your phone to refund the purchase amount back to the card you used for purchase.

Why don’t I see my card after I added it in the Wallet?
If you're a customer in the US with a supported phone and you don’t see a card that you added, this may be a known issue that we are working to fix.  Please try rebooting your phone to see if the card appears.

Do I have to add my cards again if I buy a new phone?
Yes. Your card information is stored as a unique token on each phone. To maintain the security of your card information your bank has to verify that you are the owner of the card and issue a new unique token for each new phone.

What happens when my card expires?
Whenever a card expires, the unique token stored in the Wallet will expire as well. Your card will show a “suspended” status message. You will need to add the new card issued by your bank and complete the verification process to activate the new card.

Do I still earn card rewards when I use tap to pay?
Yes, using tap to pay is the same as using a physical card in regards to earning rewards for using that card.

Why don’t the last 4 digits shown on my receipt match the last 4 digits of my physical card?
A tokenized version of your physical card is saved to the Wallet to improve security. The last 4 digits shown on the receipt are from the tokenized card.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?
Paying with Microsoft Wallet requires a PIN. This helps prevent unauthorized use of the Wallet to make a purchase. If your phone is lost or stolen you can find, lock or erase it remotely.

How secure are mobile payments?
When you tap to pay, retailers receive a single-use transaction number and an encrypted security code that won't work for any other purchase, person, or device. This, plus the device PIN you use to unlock your wallet, makes paying with Microsoft Wallet more secure than using the actual card alone.

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