Elenco dei bug corretti in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 (Parte 2)

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Questo articolo è la seconda parte di un elenco corrente dei numeri degli articoli relativi ai bug corretti nel Service Pack 5 per Windows NT 4.0. I Service Pack sono cumulativi. Ciò significa che i bug fissati in un Service Pack sono fissati anche nei Service Pack successivi. Utilizzare il numero Qxxxxxx che precede il titolo della correzione del bug per interrogare la Microsoft Knowledge Base e trovare l'articolo corrispondente al bug.

225037Elenco dei bug corretti in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
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In aggiunta ai bug elencati di seguito, il più recente Service Pack per Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition corregge i problemi seguenti:
222970 List of Bugs Fixed in Terminal Server Edition
Per informazioni su come ottenere il Service Pack più recente per Windows NT 4.0 e per l'edizione Terminal Server Edition, vedere l'articolo seguente della Microsoft Knowledge Base (informazioni in lingua inglese):

152734 How to Obtain the Latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack
216878Apple Macintosh Clients Cannot See Windows NT Server After Upgrading to SP4
216905Downlevel Clients Can Cause Excessive Spooler CPU Usage
216913BIOS Date Value Does Not Immediately Update on January 1, 2000
217001GetHostByName API Returns Unbindable Addresses
217002MSCS: Problems with Spooler Resource
217052Modem Configuration File Is Not Copied During Modem Installation
217069Serial Printer Communication Fault Pop-up Notification, Functionality Available
217100MCIS SMTP Service May Terminate Unexpectedly While Attempting to Send a Message with 300 or More Recipients
217136DNS Converts Host Names to Lowercase
217140Computer Does Not Boot When Tracking Memory Usage with Pool Tags
217207Type of Service Octet in IP Header Not Initialized
217336TCP/IP Source Routing Feature Cannot Be Disabled
218473Restricting Changes to Base System Objects
218877Mfc40.dll Causes Programs to Display Wrong Date After 01/01/2000
218978Network Monitor Fails to Connect to Remote Alpha-based Agent
219027STOP 0x00000024 in Ntfs.sys with Service Pack 4
219295WINS Replication May Overwrite or Merge Static 1C Records
219298Fonts Display Incorrectly if More than 48 MB Worth of Fonts Exists
219299Hotfix Data Written After Unsuccessful Non-Cached Read
219303Oracle Fail Safe Does Not Function After Service Pack 4 Installed
219305Computer Stops Responding While Viewing Record in Event Viewer
219308Cannot Obtain Lease with DHCP Scopes Using Multicast Addresses
219309Disk Error Pop-Up Causes Cluster Service to Stop
219313HyperTerminal: Microsoft BBS Profile Still Carries the 206 Area Code.
219314DHCP Scope Marked "Bad" After Windows NT Service Pack 3 Installation
219315WINS Service Will Not Start with Inconsistent Database
219318Net Use to IPC$ Share from Multihomed Computer Does Not Complete
219319STOP 0xc000021 in Winlogon.exe When Printing and Running Screen Saver
219320Unexpected Print Results When Printer Is Turned On After Startup
219322Unattended Setup for RRAS (Steelhead) Requires Service Pack 5
219323IPX Router Does Not Increase Transport Control Field Value by 1 When Propagating IPX Packets
219324Access Violation When You Run 16-bit Parent and Child Programs
219325Digital AlphaServer Cannot Start After Installing Service Pack 4
219326SSL Connections Through LDAP May Not Function Properly
219327Windows NT Err Msg: Corrupt and Unreadable File. Please Use CHKDSK.
219332Memory Leak in RPC When Doing Repeated Binding Lookups
219335SNMP Application Error After Installation on Exchange Server
219336Number9 Revolution3D Driver Replaced with VGA Driver
219337Cannot Install Corel WordPerfect 6.2 for DOS on Windows 2000 NTFS Partition
219340Unable to Read All Files from a Remote LAN Manager 2.1 Compatible Server
219341Dr. Watson Reports an Access Violation in Explorer When Using an Alternate Shell
219345CSNW May Connect to Multiple Servers When Logging On to NDS Tree
219353RRAS PPP Connections May Time-out on Slow or Delayed Links
219354RCP Does Not Work on SP4 with a Permission Denied Error
219355Restarted Print Job Are Deleted When Spooler Service Is Restarted
2193571500 ms Delay in Secondary WINS Query After Primary WINS Query
219362Using SNA Server Print Server and LPR Degrades Performance
219363Characters Missing from Print Jobs Spanning Multiple Pages
219364DHCP Disabled when Connected to Internet Service Provider
219365Free Disk Space Error When Attempting to Install Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
219368CPUID Function Incorrect on Mobile Pentium II or Mobile Celeron CPU
219374How to Disable the Gratuitous ARP Function
219376NDIS Does Not Indicate NDIS_RESET_END Status
219377Problems Importing Security Certificates in E-Mail Program
219380SP4 RAS Server Hangs Up When RAS Client Tries to Connect as Windows NT 3.1 Dial-Up Server
219381Name Resolution Using Lmhosts May Generate System Error 1214
219383STOP 0xA in NDIS MAC Driver When Using SPX
219392System Drive Cannot be Hidden in Windows NT Explorer View
219839XFOR: Access Violation Occurs When Sending Message Through SMTP Service
220605Stop 0x0000000A Caused by Malformed File Write Request
221124Slow File Saves Using Structured Storage Commits with Large Docs
221150NET USE to 16 Character Dotted-DNS Name May Fail
221308NumberOfRings=0 Does Not Work for RRAS Auto-Answer in Windows NT 4.0
221331RRAS Computer Stops Responding to Incoming Calls Under Stress
221481SMS: WMI Fails to Install on Windows NT 4.0 SP 5
221535Exception C0000008 (INVALID_HANDLE) Occurs When Restarting ASP Applications
221991Screen Saver Vulnerability Lets User Privileges Be Elevated
222060Messaggio di errore: Intermittent RAS "Error 5: Access Denied" Error When Tunneling into a PPTP Server
222062Ntmarta.dll in German Service Pack 4 has Conflicting Base Address
222159Symbolic Link Case Sensitivity Exploit Bypasses System Security
222840Unnecessary Delay in WINS Query
222885XFOR: SMTP Service Continuously Attempts to Reconnect to Remote Server
222956AV When Adding Demand-dial Interfaces in RRAS Admin
223052Cannot Set Custom Form As Default Paper Size
223756Internet Router Discovery Protocol (IRDP) Client Support Added to Windows NT 4.0
223770Mciavi32.dll Handle Leak When Opening an AVI File Using MCIWndCreate API
223774Mplay32.exe Leaks Memory When Playing a MIDI File
224190ASP May Leak Memory in Response.CacheControl Method
224550STOP 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys When Parsing LMHOSTS File
224590ListBuilder Reports Network Error When Sending to Message Builder
224595DCOM Client Cannot Establish CIS Session Using TCP/IP Address
225024PING -T Stops Timing Out After 50 Days
225088Services.exe Problems When You Try to View Log Files
225089Cannot Select Compress and Encrypt Check Boxes in Windows 2000
225094RPC Named Pipe Server Program Encounters Invalid Handle Exceptions
225212Messaggio di errore: STOP 0x0000000a causato da Tcpip.sys nel Service Pack 4 per Windows NT 4.0
225329Access Violation in Resource Monitor (Resrcmon.exe)
225344ICMP Redirect Attack Causes Windows NT Server and Workstation to Hang
226477LineGatherDigits Telephony API May Cause a Memory Leak in Tapisrv.exe
226484Interface Table Contains WAN Interfaces Marked as LAN
226487IAS Returns Incorrect Data During Invalid Logon Attempt
226520NTFS Formatted Removable Media Write Operations Extremely Slow
228393BUG: CIS (DCOM Over HTTP) Broken in SP4 When Tunneling Through Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
228811Socket Programs May Not Connect to Server
229012Disconnected WinStation Sessions that Generate a "Hard Error" Dialog Boxes Cannot be Reset

22925516-bit Programs Print Monochrome Instead of Color
229293User Manager crashes when users are members of many global groups
229351Service Pack 5 Includes an Updated Version of the Streaming SIMD Extensions Driver
229462SystemSoft HotSwap Test Causes Problems with CardBus Network Adapter
229502Messaggio di errore: STOP 0xA in Ndiswan.sys When Using RAS After Installing Service Pack 4
229613Dtcxatm.log File Grows Unexpectedly Large
229647RPC, RAS, PPTP (40-bit) Encryption Added to Windows NT 4.0 French Version
229702Unable to Prevent RPC from Binding to an Interface
229703Usermode Programs May Cause a Bugcheck in Windows NT
229739Dllhost.exe Shutdown Causes SQL Server to Hang Running Distributed Queries
229759System Command Line Shows the Wrong Date
229760Service Pack 5 Updates Scsiport.sys as Expected
229764Messaggio di errore: "System error 87 has occured." On Alpha Computers
230050MSMQ Err: Error While Creating MSMQ Internal Certificate. Errore: 0x8000ffff
230175Oracle's Fail Safe Server Does Not Work When Trying to Add a Database to a Fail Safe Group
230176Messaggio di errore: Dr. Watson Exception (0x80000003)
230177Messaggio di errore: STOP 0x0000000A Corrupted Data Packet Causes PPTP to Hang in Ndiswan.sys
230180Rasmon.exe non funziona per il monitoraggio di connessioni VPN multiple
230335Dates May Display Improperly Using Configuration Back-Up Option from the IIS 4.0 HTML Administrator
233395SNMP Access Violation After Installing Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
233490Access Violation When Using Multi-Protocol Router Function Calls
233500Service Pack 5 No Longer Keeps a Separate PS1 Folder for IBM
234326Printing in Outlook 98 on Windows NT 4.0 Causes STOP 0x00000001E
234531OLE Directory May Have Uninitialized Data in the Document File
234537Heap Corruption May Occur When Changing the Private Properties of the SMB
234538New Cryptographic APIs Need Backwards Compatibility
234540SP5 Includes Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues
234541STOP 0x00000050 in IPXSendFrame When Source Routing Info Exceeds 18 Bytes
234542SMTP and NNTP Are Updated with New Files by Service Pack 5
234543Internet Explorer Installs Newer Encryption Files on SP3 but Not on SP4 or SP5 Beta
234544Cluster Bottleneck Occurs When a Large Number of Disks Are Involved
234546Windows NT 4.0 SP5 Includes Updated .PAL Files
234550Random Crashes on Alpha Proliant 42x0
234557Executable with a Specially Malformed Image Header May Crash Windows NT
235337Cannot Remove Internet Explorer 5 After You Uninstall Service Pack 4
225037Elenco dei bug corretti in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
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