Cortana can help you do all kinds of things on your HoloLens, from searching the web to shutting down your device. To get her attention, select Cortana

[ノートブック] アイコン
on Start or say "Hey Cortana" anytime.

Image of Cortana

Here are some things you can try saying (remember to say "Hey Cortana" first):

  • What can I say?

  • Increase the volume.

  • Decrease the brightness.

  • Shut down.

  • Restart.

  • Go to sleep.

  • Mute.

  • Launch <app name>.

  • Move <app name> here (gaze at the spot you want the app to move to).

  • Go to Start.

  • Take a picture.

  • Start recording. (Starts recording a video.)

  • Stop recording. (Stops recording a video.)

  • Call <contact>. (Requires Skype.)

  • What time is it?

  • Show me the latest NBA scores.

  • How much battery do I have left?

  • Tell me a joke.


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