Tips for viewing holograms

For your holograms to look crisp, clear, and stable, your HoloLens needs to be set up and calibrated just for you.


When you first set up HoloLens, you’ll be guided through calibration. Later on, if your holograms look jittery or shaky, or if you’re having trouble placing holograms, make adjustments using the Calibration app. This app can also help if you’re experiencing any discomfort while using your HoloLens. Learn more about comfort.

To run calibration, bloom to go to Start, then select All apps > Calibration.

Sensor tuning

If you run the Calibration app and still have problems with hologram quality, or you frequently see messages that say "Trying to map your surroundings" or "Use in limited mode," try the Sensor Tuning app. Go to Settings > System > Utilities. Under Sensor tuning, select Open Sensor Tuning and follow the instructions.

Get the best view

Holograms can be placed throughout your environment—high, low, and all around you—but you’ll see them through a holographic frame that extends a few feet on either side of you. To get the best view, adjust your device so you can see the entire frame. And make sure to walk around your environment and explore!

If your holograms don’t look right, see HoloLens and holograms: FAQ.


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