PPT2000: Sample Code to Reset the Builds on a Slide


When you run a slide show, Microsoft PowerPoint keeps track of the build progress for all slides in the presentation. When PowerPoint finishes building a slide, the builds (on that slide) are not run again unless you start the presentation again, or you loop through the slide show. If you want a slide to build more than one time during a slide show, write a macro to force PowerPoint to reset the builds. This article includes a sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications macro (Sub procedure) that resets the builds and displays the slide.

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Sample Visual Basic Procedure

   Sub ResetSlide()

' The number after GotoSlide is the slide number.
SlideShowWindows(1).View.GotoSlide 1, msoTrue

End Sub
To use this code, assign the macro to an action button. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the object you want to use as an action button.
  2. On the Slide Show menu, click Action Settings.
  3. In the Action Settings dialog box, click the Mouse Click or Mouse Over tab.

    Mouse Click and Mouse Over are events that the action button may respond to.
  4. Click to select Run Macro.
  5. In the list of macros, click the ResetSlide macro.
  6. Click OK.


For more information about how to use the sample code in this article, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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