Viewing, printing, and requesting MPN invoices


Options for viewing, printing, or requesting pro forma invoices vary depending on your MPN competency or subscription level. Make sure that you view the section below that applies to your competency or subscription level for the correct information.

More Information

Final invoices for MPN competency (silver or gold)

The final invoice for a competency enrollment (and for any purchase made through the Partner Membership Center) is attached as a PDF to a system-generated email sent within 48 hours after the payment is completed. This email is sent from the email address of the individual who submitted the order.

You can also print the final invoice from the Partner Membership Center within 48 hours from the time that the payment is completed. This final invoice (and any other invoices from other completed purchases) is available for printing for one year after purchase is completed.

Pro forma invoices for partners with a MPN competency

Partners can request a pro forma invoice before submitting payment during the enrollment or purchase process. This kind of invoice is sometimes needed by partners for internal accounting requirements or customs inspections.

Partners who do not request the pro forma invoice during the enrollment or purchase process might have to contact their Regional Service Center for help.

Invoices for Microsoft Action Pack subscribers (MAPS)

Partners with a Microsoft Action Pack subscription have two ways to print an invoice for their organization:

Option 1: Print during the enrollment or re-enrollment process. Click the “Invoice” button with the Print icon when it appears (shown below).

Partners will be unable to move back to this option after they pass this screen.

Option 2: Use the order confirmation email to print a Microsoft Action Pack invoice. After subscribing to Microsoft Action Pack, partners receive a confirmation email from Microsoft. This email (from will provide information on how to access benefits and print any invoices as needed.

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