Icon of Store App doesn't show up on taskbar


Taskbar icon of Store App may not show up on desktop when some other window is in front of an application that is trying to launch the Store App. For example, you can see this behavior when you try to open a PDF file that is associated with Windows Reader by using ShellExecuteEx function on Windows 8.1. Specific steps to see this behavior is shown in "More Information" section.


Store Apps are generally displayed to the user if their window are able to come to the foreground (receive input focus). The icon of the Store Apps are added to the taskbar only when they are displayed to the user.


Relaunch the intended Store App from Start Screen.


This behavior is by design.


You can reproduce this behavior by following the steps below.

1. Make “Windows Reader” your default program for opening a PDF file on Windows 8.1.
2. Run cmd.exe.
3. Open Task Manager.”
4. Build and run the code below. 
5. A PDF file will be opened by ShellExecuteEx after 10 seconds.
6. Set focus on Task Manager by clicking its window during Sleep(10000).
7. ShellExecuteEx returns successfully but the window of “Windows Reader” doesn’t show up.
8. The process of Windows Reader (glcnd.exe) is created but its icon doesn't show up on taskbar. 

Sample code to reproduce this behavior.



ZeroMemory(&sei, sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO));

sei.cbSize = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO);

sei.nShow = SW_NORMAL;

sei.lpFile = L"test.pdf";

sei.lpVerb = L"open";


printf("%d\n", sei.hProcess);


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